HUMP day!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Okay, I admit it, I absolutely love the new Geico commercial with the camel and hump day. Gives me the giggles. For anyone who hasn't seen it.....

We've had a lot of rain the last couple of days and I've been fighting what at first I thought was a head cold but when an attack of itchies all over started, figured out it was allergies. To what? WHo knows? Benadryl knocked it out...I just hope it stays gone.

Thanks to the Benadryl hangover, I was groggy yesterday so we ran errands - visited our bank for a wire transfer to the company that is doing our Ecuador Visa processing, went to Sears and ordered a new pair of glasses while they have some good discounts (current pair will become my backup for Rt 66 and Ecuador) and then the movies!

We just watched the original Kick-Ass the other night so the timing was perfect. {Note, don't go see if language or violence bother you}. We both enjoyed it, different than the first but still fun.

The rain made for some interesting views on the ride home...

Stu is getting ready to take Sadie up to her foster mom's in Maryland and he'll get in a family visit before we leave the country. Little Snausage is going to miss her - he's still really shy but we're hoping we can get him accepting enough of people that the neighbors can adopt him.

Mey plans? I'll be finishing up my editing of "Barely a Spark", hoping to get it out to my proof readers before the end of next week. Phew!


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