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Monday, August 19, 2013

We've had some gorgeous weather in the past week making it possible for us to leave the windows open day and night. I love the fresh air streaming in! The rain moved in Saturday night, keeping the temperatures warmer and the air more humid so the A/C had to go back on. Sunday became a mostly rainy day, cool but wet so the A/C stayed on. It was nice while it lasted.

We are still waiting for the RV pavilion to be built, Stu will be contacting them today to see where we are in their schedule. Current plans call for us to leave for Route 66 on Tuesday (9/3) after Labor Day (no way do we want to be on the road that weekend).

I'm still struggling through editing "Barely a Spark", I will get the first edit done before we leave and hope to get it finally published before the end of September.

Not much else is new...

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  1. Sept 3rd...That's my birthday. We rode some of 66 in IL while we were there. Looking forward to following along with you. Hope you have a great trip and wish we could ride along.


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