Sadie's New Home

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Well, it's been an adventure. We initially planned to take Sadie with us on our Route 66 motorcycle trip, then she grew up and we realized it wouldn't be good for her and would be difficult for us. So we looked for a foster mom and thought we had one in Maryland with the gal that took her on for our month in Ecuador.

Unfortunately, her older dog and Sadie decided to not get along this time so we were back to square one. So here was Stu, already in Maryland with Sadie and no place for her to stay other than boarding her long term.

Of course this was all compounded by the fact that we had made the decision to not take Sadie to Ecuador with us. This was not an easy decision to make and was influenced by many things. American Airlines will not transport her because she is considered a short nosed breed (both Boxer and Pit Bulls are on the list, even in a mix). We could use a pet transport service but that would be extremely expensive.

Then we had to consider the fact that we plan to come back to the US for 30-60 days each year as well as wanting to travel some of South America. In Cuenca the dog boarding is done by gringos and runs $20 a day, hefty bill for 30-60 days. We also had to factor in the living conditions for her there, either penned up in an apartment or behind a gated/walled enclosure where she would hassle anyone who passed. Walking her could be a challenge with all the street dogs, we've heard of several dogs who were attacked unprovoked. And we all know that Sadie isn't a shy dog...LOL!

So the search was on, emails, Facebook posts and texts flew from Stu's daughters and their friends. In the end a decision was made - Sadie has a home on a trial basis while we are on our Route 66 trip. If that doesn't work out, they will have time to find another solution.

Oh, you want to know where? Why, with Stu's oldest daughter's family! They have an invisible fence ready to install and three kids who love the heck out of her. Here are some photos taken today.

Hi Dad, see my new playmate?
With Billy in the kids playhouse
With Jesse & Billy in the playhouse
Livie's home from school, yeah!
Playing with kids all day is tough work!
Look how nicely I walk for Jesse!
At the bus stop with Olivia & Jesse

Oops, missed the bus, driving them to school.
Looks like a match made in heaven! Don't you agree?


  1. Best of luck to the pooch. There are far worse possibilities out there. Kudos for good choices.

  2. Wishing for the best for Sadie.

  3. Hugs to you and Stu as you separate from Sadie...but the good thing is she is still in the family and you will have grand visitations with her. Have fun Sadie and looking forward to seeing you guys down the road.


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