Time to get the bikes ready....

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Thought I'd grab a photo of our motorcycles while they were outside the shed. Stu is cleaning up the shed and the bikes as we spend the weekend getting ready for our Route 66 ride.

Big Red III and Gypsy
Still no definite leave date since we're at the mercy of the company building our RV pavilion. Latest is that they will be here on Tuesday and it will only take them a day. We'll see....we plan to pull the RV out to the front of the driveway and run on solar (adding generator if it gets too hot). The biggest issue will be when they are done, Stu has to mount our portable DirecTV dish on the pavilion and get it aimed. Needless to say, our dish on the 5th wheel isn't going to work while under cover. LOL!


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