Monday, September 2, 2013

A couple weeks ago I posted photos of Sadie, Keta and Snausage playing. With Sadie gone, little Snausage continues to visit us. He's quite comfortable - climbing up on our front steps, laying in the yard or getting a little more warmth on top of the wood pile.

He's still quite skittish and won't let us get too close to him. We both feel if we were here for another month, we might be able to get to him. We're talking to our neighbors and hope they can bring him into the fold of their pack. He will make someone a great little pup.

In another post, someone asked about keeping birds from flying in and out of our pavilion (and pooping on our rig). This is what he is using - we'll have two of them, one at each end of the pavilion.

We had a voicemail on Stu's phone from Friday - our cells don't work out here in the boonies. LOL! Of course it was from the building company, hopefully they were calling to let us know they would be here tomorrow and NOT to let us know that there is another delay. Guess we'll find out in the morning!


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