Tourists, Cooking & Mail Call

Monday, June 2, 2008

The campground is all but empty, maybe 5-6 rigs after morning check-out and only one new check-in. Until now.....

Two class C rental RVs, multiple occupants all wearing tank tops, shorts & sandals (it's only 70 degrees with VERY gusty winds). One pulls in and parks normally. After much discussion, the other pulls in....facing the wrong direction. This means their doors open to each other. As soon as I see two of the guys go grab a picnic table from another site and immediately sit down with a beer, I know. I didn't even need to wait to hear the foreign words to know.....the tourists are here. LOL!

We'll see how it goes mail is here and if it gets too rowdy and they don't leave in the morning, I may just move to the boondocking spot I picked out. It was very windy today with gusts up to 30 mph and on Wednesday even higher winds are in the forecast. Here I'm on a hill and I get buffeted around. In the boondocking area there are a lot of trees to buffer the wind. Time will tell...

One of the things that arrived in my mail was something I had ordered on eBay and had been waiting impatiently for. Here is a photo after installing it....suits the car perfectly, don't you think? LOL!

One final note...I COOKED TONIGHT. Yup,, I'm serious! When I went to Safeway I bought some skinless chicken breasts. I parboiled three of them last night. One I sliced for sandwiches and the other two I cut up into chucks for salad, pasta, rice dishes. I also had picked up some jars of chunky marinara sauce. I already had whole wheat noodles and several packages of rice.

Tonight I cooked some of the noodles, tossed in some sauce and chicken. Delicious and a nice change from my pre-cooked meals. I am trying to move away from a lot of processed foods...this was a start. When I move boondocking I'm going to use my solar cooker since I won't be plugged into power (save on microwave use).

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. You are just having too much fun! Do you think you will make it up this far this year?

  2. Well I'll just comment here also.

    This has all the info you need, it's for all US tires, michelin has the same on their website, I just can't find it at the moment.

    The TIRE AND RIM ASSOCIATION puts out this standard load inflation table that the manufacturers use.

  3. Love the tire cover, Froggi! Also love the misty photo.

    Good for you cooking and eating healthy!

  4. Re the tourists: Sounds like the modern day version of the "circle the wagons....." Best you can do when you only have two wagons. Too bad they didn't choose spaces far away from you.

  5. Froggi, love the tire cover, it's so you. Too bad about the tourist, maybe they will be gone before long.


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