I needed a clone.....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What a day.....got out on the road at 11am, no need to rush since I was only going 167 miles (Williams to Page). Tires were freshly filled, all the gear was put away, the bicycle was mounted on the back of the car, the tanks were dumped and I headed out.

The drive was amazing.....north out of Flagstaff you rise in elevation, think I saw 7000' sign. Pretty views and lots of anxious traffic that wanted to get around me (and I was doing the 65 mph speed limit). Life's too short to be in such a hurry....

Of course what goes up must come down....but the down grade wasn't bad at all and the next few miles were fairly flat and nondescript. That soon changed...and from this point on I wish I had a clone. The scenery was SPECTACULAR! Remember, Route 89 is just east of the north rim of the Grand Canyon. Red rocks everywhere, striped, stacked, racked...you name it, I saw it. All this is within the bounds of the Navajo Reservation. Along with the rocks crafted with the love and fury of Mother Nature, are houses, trailers, huts, abandoned buildings, high power transmission lines and fences.

It was VERY windy the entire trip and the road was pretty rough in spots. That meant two hands on the steering wheel at ALL times which meant NO photos. Sigh.... Yes there were pull-offs and twice I tried that....both times the pull-out was in a low spot and the scenic beauty...not so much. LOL! I might drive south a little tomorrow in the car and see if I can get a couple of shots.

I arrived at the Page Lake Powell Campground a little after 2pm and got checked into my back-in site. First time I've had a tree on the afternoon sun side providing some shade. Nice....of course it's almost 100 degrees outside....LOL!

Tomorrow I will do laundry first thing in the morning, then do a little sightseeing until it gets too hot to bear. I'm vegging now....already took an Aleve to help the neck. back & overall pain from three hours of white knuckle driving.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


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