Take Two: Tourists, Transmission, Transportation & Tummy

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Tonight will be a mish-mash of things....so sit back, put your feet up and, hopefully, enjoy.

First, the tourists....I think they must have flown in recently and were still really in a different time zone. I did close my window while they were getting ready to eat (traditional style....wives running around & cooking, guys drinking beer with their feet up). I noticed that shortly after dark all was quiet....and they were gone by 8:30 this morning. So whoever you are...my apologies for expecting the worst. You were good neighbors (Yes, they put the picnic table back where the got it...how many times does THAT happen with typical weekend/vacation campers?)

I thought I had posted about my transmission but guess I didn't get specific enough for some folks. The did replace the front seal but while in there they discovered some type of fitting/plug that was loose and tightened it. Needless to say, fresh fluid and filter change were done. When then did the 30 step inspection check, they mentioned the air filter should be changed soon. Since I knew I would be hitting some mountains over the next few weeks, I decided to have it changed. They did install my transmission temperature gauge (it ran under 200 all the way from Camp Verde to Williams) and I had them torque my tires again (since they had been pulled back in Tucson when I had my brakes done). Better safe than sorry... Anyway, no leaks currently...keeping my fingers crossed that we've licked this battle.

Now to the third T - transportation. (Well, it really is about bicycles but using four T words was more fun.) I got on the scales this morning and my weight is now 1.2# over my allowable maximum. I had already started cutting back on snacking, McD food and coffee with cream & sugar (which I do normally at McD). But I know I need to exercise...plus my arthritis is getting worse. I get really stiff after an hour in the car or sitting. I wake up with my neck & shoulders hurting. I go to be with my back & knees hurting, too.

Osteoarthritis is a catch-22. You need to exercise to keep the joints flexible and lubricated but it hurts to exercise. I am trying to walk every day but I know I will do much better with a bicycle. After reading that my friends Nick & Terry ponied up (see June 2nd blog) and got Trek Navigator bicycles, I knew it was time for me to get one as well. In an earlier blog I wrote about bikes and got a TON of wonderful input. The two bikes that stood out were the Trek Navigator and the Electra Townie.

I found two bike shops in Flagstaff and one of them was a Trek dealer (neither sold Electras). I drove over there this morning and ordered a Trek Navigator 3.0. Initially I ordered the 2.0 ($90 cheaper) but when they called the factory, they found none in stock. Since it's the change of the model year for them, there was no way I could wait. I then looked at the Trek Pure but after some thought and discussion with the guys in the shop, realized it wouldn't be as good for me in the off-road riding. So I rationalized that the money I got for selling motorcycle gear would pay for the bike, so I went for it. This is what it will look like...it's Willow Green.

Now for the final T - Tummy. Today was a good day...breakfast was vanilla yogurt with strawberries and a hard boiled egg. Lunch was a double fiber, whole wheat bread sandwich with sliced chicken breast. Dinner I cooked 1/2 box of Zatarain's Red Beans & Rice. When it was about half done I tossed in some of the shredded chicken. Delicious and filling at about 330 calories. Okay, I promise to NOT write what I eat every day....honest! LOL!!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Great bike. That's the one I've had my eye on. We have a huge Trek dealer across the street with a lot of models. Still don't want to get it this early, but thanks for posting about the bike, it's in my future.

  2. Love the bike. Wish I'd known about it before buying mine. And please post food choices once in awhile. I love getting ideas from others who are trying to keep the weight down and even maybe lose a few pounds. The bike riding will really help. I lost 4 pounds during our 7 week trip in Jan & Feb, but haven't lost anymore since. Now that we're fulltiming, I'm looking forward to bike riding again. Gail


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