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Friday, June 6, 2008

The day was spent watching movies and doing a lot of reading online while I continued keeping my ankle elevated. The outside temps are nice but since they were dragging the gravel to level it, I ended up closing all the windows and running the A/C.

I was going to post some of the fun & interesting sites I found but I just read some news in one of my forums that changed that.

Those who have followed my blog for a while know that I bought a Pressure Pro tire monitoring system from Mike & Pat McFall while at the Gypsy Journal rally in Casa Grande last spring. Mike & Pat were also the ones who rescued me in Wickenburg when I first discovered my transmission leak. Pat drove my car and Mike followed me as I moved my rig from the gas station to the North Ranch SKP Park in Congress, AZ.

If you have read any of Mike's comments or followed his blog, you would know that his son Scott has been fighting cancer. He recently had a bone marrow transplant, was doing better and then started a down turn. His brother was planning on returning to donate for another transplant.

I just read in the RV-Dreams forum that Scott passed away. You can leave a comment on Scott's page at the CaringBridge site. You can also post a shout for Mike & Pat on their personal blog. I know how hard it is to lose a spouse or a parent. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child.

Life is too short my friends....take time to tell those you love that you care....make contact with those who have drifted away. You never know what tomorrow may bring....

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