Stupid RVer Tricks

Monday, June 9, 2008

No, not least not today. LOL! The campground was much quieter this weekend than last, not sure why, but today several folks arrived. One pulled into a sit two away from me and since it was right outside my window, I let them entertain me.

They pulled in, toad in tow, narrowly missing the railroad ties that line the left boundary of the sites. Nothing extraordinary so far. The wife arrived on foot with their, what appeared to be, boxer pup. Okay, so he got too close because she wasn't there to help? Who knows....

He got out and went to unhook the Jeep. Because he hadn't pulled in all the way, it was cocked a bit so he called to the wife to get in and move it a bit. She did...OOPS! Got a bit close and had to back it up a bit. But it freed up the second pin and he got the tow bar off, then zoomed (spinning a little gravel) off to park it in front of the rig.

This is where the dumb comes thing I know, they are both in the rig (I can see her in the passenger seat) and he's backing up. So what, you say. Well...remember when he unhooked the Jeep, he left the tow bar facing into the ground. So now he was backing up with the tow bar digging into the ground...then he pulled forward. Satisfied, he put down his levelers and thankfully that lifted the tow bar out of the dirt.

He now started to hook up the his cable for the TV out and had to walk around the back of the motorhome. He noticed the tow bar pointed at the ground, looked to the back where you could see the drag pattern and then walked past it, ignoring it. LOL! He eventually came back to it, pinned up the cable for the lights and unhooked the safety chains. He did lift the bar up and secure it....never did wipe the dirt off. Maybe it will never make a difference...but it did give me a grin...the first RV stupid trick I've been privy to watch!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Hiya Donna,
    One of the best things about being parked in a campground is watching all the "entertainment"... that was a good story!


  2. Hmm, all these months on the road and you've only seen ONE stupid RV trick? Obviously boondockers must do it better, because RV parking is one of our favorite spectator events at a campground. And this weekend provided a lot of laughs for us as one RVer went the wrong way down a road with angled parking and insisted on making a 16 or so point turn to be able to get his rig into that site that was angled in the opposite direction that he was going. The list goes on and on. And I imagine we've provided some entertainment at times too, so it all evens out.

  3. Great to read your blog! Humorous & fun to to read. What a woman!! Go Girl - Glad to see you are keeping on being a full-timer! I've added your blog to my favorites. Glad you got in touch with me. Peggy of The Traveling Cardinals

  4. Sounds like a round of applause was in order.

    One time when I backed into a tough spot, I exited the truck and bowed to the couple in the next space that were enjoying an afternoon toddy. They obliged me by applauding.


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