Evanston to Rawlins, WY

Saturday, June 21, 2008

First, I knew there was something I forgot to post about in yesterday's blog but was too tired to worry about it. Remember I mentioned those wheel deep potholes...well, other than the normal things that fell (stuff on walls, etc), the rig shook so much that:
  1. It vibrated my Fantastic Fan enough that it slightly opened and the fan turned on
  2. I lost a screw out of the return air vent on the A/C
  3. When I got to the park, I had no propane.
Needless to say, not having propane was the biggest thing...I noticed it because the check light was on the frig and the temp was way too warm. Then I realized the water heater never fired. So I did what little troubleshooting I could think of...reset the propane sensor, checked to be sure I had propane and that the Extend-a-Stay hadn't vibrated loose. Nothing.

Since it was after 4 on a Friday, I knew I'd better do something quick or I could be without for a while. I walked back to the office and asked the host if she knew anyone might be able to come out and take a look at it. She volunteered her father (he built the park and ran it for years) and called him. He walked over and we went through the basics. He had me try to light the stove...nothing. Then he checked to be sure gas was flowing from the talk to the Extend-a-Stay. Plenty of pressure there. Then he started tracing out the wires, figuring out that they were connected to the propane sensor (and I had already learned that it would shut down the flow if there were a leak). He found a loose connection around the side of "something", LOL, and tightened it with his fingers. I reset the sensor inside and it worked! Phew...one more thing added to my troubleshooting list.

This morning I hit the road at 10am, after getting gas. You'll NEVER guess what the first vehicle was to pass me after pulling onto the highway....

Several people have either commented or emailed me...seems as though this is some type of tour bus. When it pulled past me I noticed people sitting in the windows so made that assumption myself.

The ride was fairly boring since it was all interstate, but there were some scenic areas. The giant wind turbines are always a treat and the signs and gates for road closures another reminder of what winter is like in this area.

One of the prettiest section was the west side of Green River. I saw that area when I was touring in 2005 on my motorcycle...I met up with a lady rider friend in Rock Springs before heading down through Flaming Gorge (and had NO idea what I was getting into...LOL!)

I saw several trains today...some VERY long ones. I also saw my first LIVE wildlife, a doe and her two fawns. My previous wildlife consisted of 2 dead deer, 1 dead fox, 2 dead squirrels/prairie dogs & 1 dead skunk.

I arrived in Rawlins, WY and am safely nestles into the Western Hills Campground in an electric only site ($22). Wide open, no problem with DirecTV satellite signal...nice breeze and great shower & laundry facilities (not that I used them but did check them out).

Tomorrow I head to Buffalo, WY where I will be staying at the Big Horn Mountains Campground for three days before moving on to Gillette and the Escapade. I have some friends already there and they've invited me to dinner.

NOTE: For more photos from today, visit my SmugMug gallery.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. We keep getting reminded that things break and/or get loose when we bounce a house along the road system. It seems that there is always something new, something that needs to be done. Of course there is also a lot of time to rest, relax, read and go see & do things, too. Isn't it a wonderful life style?


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