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Friday, June 13, 2008

What a busy two days this has been. Yesterday was the day I drove into Flagstaff to pick up my new bicycle. But since I was going "into the big city", I figured I'd get a little shopping done along the way. First stop was Walgreen's where I picked up a few items on sale, next stop was Target. Both were close to the bike shop and had been previously scoped out for location.

Needless to say, I spent too much money at Target but I did pick up some badly needed items as well as a few good things on sale. (Promise you won't tell, I picked up 6 new paperbacks - 4 of them were James Patterson's, love his style and a nice change from my normal romance stuff). As I was leaving Target I noticed a Great Clips in the strip mall across the street. Since I wanted to get the bike picked up, I figured I could come back after that.

So next stop was Single Track Bike Shop (no website, sorry - 575 W Riordan Rd, Flagstaff, AZ 86001, 928-773-1862) to pick up my bike. I wanted to see if they had a luggage rack that would work and they did. I added that and a kickstand (bikes don't seem to come with them anymore..what's up with that???).

The fun came when it was time to adjust the seat. Wait a minute....this is SOOOOO different from slinging my leg over my motorcycle seat. I felt so high crammed up my....well, you know. LOL! They almost raised it till I put the pedal at full down position and they saw my leg was straight. The tough thing was trying to sit on it while not moving....had to use one hand on the counter for balance. I figure it's been close to 40 years since I road a bicycle...I see another learning curve ahead. GULP! Maybe I will dig out my motorcycle armored clothes to wear those first couple of times....

Then I got to bat my baby blues and pull my "grandmother to 15" routine and get them to assemble the bike rack I had NOT bought from them (they didn't have it in stock or I would have). Of course talking motorcycles for 30 or so minutes with them (all under the age of 30 I would guess) probably helped more.... So they assembled and mounted the rack & accessories, showed me how to put the bike on it and off I went.

Next stop was Great Clips since it was around 4pm and I figured on a Thursday they might not be too busy to fit me in. I was right in and the gal that cut my hair, Kelly, knew EXACTLY what I wanted, even without the photo I normally bring in (it was in the RV, of course). If I get back to this area next year, she'll be on my list!

Fast forward to idea it was the 13th. Hard to keep track of things like dates...LOL! Today was photographer day....remember my mentioning the interview for S-Life, the new magazine for Suzuki owners. I have had headshots professionally done but never outside shots like this. Spent close to two hours...what an experience. He took shots with the bicycle and I, me in a chair with laptop all posed in front of the car with a little of the motorhome showing behind. Then we moved the car to down in front of the caboose motel rooms here the Canyon Motel & RV Park and he took another whole set there with me posing as the cheesy tourist. Too fun!!!

So it's now 2pm and I'm whipped....think I'll sit and read a bit before venturing into town to see the motorcycle rally. The event officially started today and I want to check out the vendors....looking for a little leather tool bag to hang on the front of my handlebars. Much cheaper than the ones from bike shops (and they tend to be too big or too small). The park has had at least 4 more rigs check in today with a variety of motorcycles & methods of hauling them.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. hmmm...sounds like you have been busy...and that yer becomin' an even "bigger" celebrity!...

    ol' doggybreath here can sit around and bragta people someday..."yep, I used to know her back when..."...hee hee...

    See. Hon...I told ya that "bad luck" spell was gonna change around for ya...uh, "eventually"...

  2. So, what books did ya' get? Maybe you should consider posting a reading list???

    love ya!!


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