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Friday, June 20, 2008

What a day...felt like Thursday but maybe it was Saturday, but no, it was actually Friday. It was nice to wake before 7 and not have the sun shining in brightly already. I hoped to get on the road by 10 so fell asleep for a little longer. Had a weird dream....someone stole my motorhome. EEEK! That was when I woke up....phew!

It was a good thing I didn't plan to leave before then...there was an endless stream of ATVs, trucks with trailers full of ATVs and people...all right where I needed to pull out. Fortunately they went their way before I was ready. I headed off by 9:30 and as I drove through Marysvale proper I realized that this was where I stopped on my motorcycle....center of town a little general store with table & chairs out front. I got a soda and an ice cream sandwich and sat out front to enjoy them. I thought it was a neat little town...I remember it being pretty quiet, no ATVs running around. LOL!

I continued north on US89 but made one slight error when I took I-70 to get on I-15. I missed that I was supposed to go the other way which would have kept me on US89. Added about 25 miles to the day but the scenery was still pretty.

Somewhere along the way a bright red vehicle pulled out on to the road ahead of me. It looked like a bus front with a utility travel (double height). I snapped a couple of photos but when we hit a construction area (one of many today), I got to stop right behind it and discovered it was a Mercedes and had both an international tag as well as one from Alaska. Would have loved to chat with them!

The drive towards Provo took me through some pretty areas and I even got to see my first Super C, a Gulfstream Ultra. NICE!

As I headed north the road quality got worse. I would have thought an Interstate like I-15 would be in good shape. NOT! Then once I got on US189 and went through Provo, I found some potholes that I swear were half the depth of one of my tires.

If you have never driven through Provo Valley, you really should. I can't wait to go back in a car where I can pull over more easily and enjoy the views. A motorcycle would be even better. I think it is some of the prettiest views I have seen thus far! I couldn't snag many photos due to the curves & grades.

I had two campgrounds picked out for tonight. The first was Holiday Hills in Coalville, UT and the second was Phillips RV Park in Evanston, WY. I wanted to make Wyoming but if I was tired, Coalville would work. Well, after 5 hours of bouncing, curves, grades and not taking time for lunch, I was ready to stop in Coalville. Only problem was....there was no room at the inn. So I took a 15 minute break, caught my second wind and headed off to Evanston (yes, I called to be SURE I could get in there....LOL!). I'm finding that I need to make reservations more often, at least on weekends.

It's a nice little campground, perfect weather, lilacs blooming and trees abound...of course that means no satellite TV but that's okay. I've got 6 new DVDs and am watching "Dragonheart" as I type. I got a discount for Good Sam and another 105 for paying cash. Works for me!

Today ended up at 278 miles, tomorrow will only be 205. I'm headed to Western Hills Campground in Rawlins, WY (yes, reservation made). Should be an easy day with more perfect weather.

NOTE: For more photos from today, visit my SmugMug gallery.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. Absolutely beautiful pictures. That is such beautiful country. I am envious. I am afraid of steep grades after my little incident and won't try it.

    I know you are going to get a chuckle out of this.... but I did go down a 6% grade. It snuck up on me or I would have tried to go around it. I went from a Holiday Rambler, diesel pusher to a Winnebago - gas. I am only 1 foot more in length. This rig had no problem. With the Holiday Rambler the brakes just didn't quite get it. When I started down the hill with visions of what happened to me in the past - I just didn't have a problem. I am moving up in grade. But I am so impressed with you.


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