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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rumblings: "Salmonella food poisoning first linked to uncooked tomatoes has spread to 16 states, federal health officials said Saturday..." The good news for me is that I've been buying "on the vine" tomatoes and those, according to the news article, aren't on the suspect list. Phew!

It does make me more aware that salmonella doesn't just come from uncooked/improperly prepared meats (especially chicken). Just something to think about....be careful out there!

Ramblings: Still babying my ankle...as long as I stay off it, the swelling isn't bad so I know it's getting better. Still icing it in the evenings. Hoping that when my bike comes in next week, I'll be fit to ride.

My front door lets in a LOT of sun and I had been using two small magnets to hold a pillowcase (using the two screws at the top of the door frame) and keep out some of heat & glare. A while back I found a dark colored window valance on clearance for $1.50. I thought it might be better than the pillowcase because it would be longer. I had to staple the open vent in the middle but it worked out well.

While visiting with my friend Sally at the motorcycle do here in Williams a couple of weeks ago, I noticed she did the same thing with a pillowcase but she had hers shirred on a rod. Last week I was looking at my curtain and realized that I could get a spring tension rod and do the same thing. This meant I wouldn't be constantly pulled one of the magnets down every time I went in and out of the door.

I found what I was looking at here at the local True Value and it's perfect! It also means I can leave the valance in place, just sliding it to the side when not in use. I love it....eventually I will find something just a little wider with enough length but for now, this works and was done for under $5 total.

My other triumph was more challenging....last fall on one of my early trips the big drawer underneath my refrigerator fell off the slide brackets. I pulled it out and managed to fix it. Six months and 6k miles later, it really gave up the ghost. The first time I just had to remount something that fell off. This time the plastic connectors broke...on both sides. I first tried duct tape....guess what. It's NOT the be all - end all. LOL!

Next was a trip to True Value to see if they sold new ones. They had several but they were all for center-under drawer slides, nothing I could use. I tried reversing the slides from side to side, that combined with the duct tape lasted....one night (not even moving). As I kept thinking about it, I wondered if I could brace something underneath to hold the runners in place. Next time I was at True Value I picked up some small L-braces to put underneath the runner.

Today I dug out my drill and for only the second time in my life, used it. LOL! It worked...thank goodness for hardware packaging that tells you what size drill bit to use. That and cordless screwdrivers.... Now to see if it will last till I find someone to replace the slides with ones that have metal mounts...plastic just doesn't cut it with RVs.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Thanks for sharing your flashback post. I enjoyed reading it! :)


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