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Monday, June 23, 2008

Even thought I went to bed late, I woke early and got ready to move on to Buffalo, WY where I will spend the next three nights. I ended up chatting with the folks on one side of me. They were also heading to the Escapade but planned on two nights in Casper before moving to Buffalo. I mentioned where I was going to be staying, we exchanged cards and I headed on my way.

I had JUST hit the road out of the campground when I ran out of windshield fluid. With the bugs being so bad, I knew I needed to stop and refill (I had half a bottle in one of the storage bays). I saw a closed gas station, swung in, filled up, decided to check the oil, added a quart and then was REALLY on my way at 10am.

I was amazed at the ever changing scenery....here is a sampling of what I saw. Great drive, didn't get windy until about 50 miles out of Buffalo, comfortable temperatures and good roads.

As I exited off I-25 to head to the campground, I saw an accident right in front of the ramp. Not a pretty sight. It must have just happened since while I sat there waiting for the okay to turn right (my only choice, even though I needed to turn left), the ambulance, fire department and police arrived. As I pulled out I saw the car on the other side of the road...it looked like the car might have not stopped at the end of the ramp or possibly their brakes failed. They obviously hit the RV with a lot of force to tear the front off so completely. Anyway, I pulled into a gas station a few miles down the road and went in to tell the clerks that I might be parked outside for an hour or so while I waited for it to clear.

I called my friends, Paul & Connie, to let them know I was running a little late due to the accident. Paul helped me re-route myself and finally get headed to the campground. Buffalo looks to be a neat little town where I hope I can spend a little roaming time. I got checked in, Big Horn Mountains Campground, and moved into my site (once removed from my friends site).

They came over to welcome me and I discovered that the folks I met this morning in Rawlins had evidently changed their minds since they were here! Small world....LOL! After getting settled, I headed over for some chatting and dinner. The company and the food were WONDERFUL....homemade meatloaf, one of my two favorite foods (the other is lasagna). We watched the deer start to arrive in the field across from us. They leave in the morning but I'll see them again on Wednesday at the Escapade...they're on the parking crew.

It's raining a little tonight, some thunder, my car will be a disaster tomorrow...so what else is new?

Till next time - keep on rollin',

NOTE: For more photos from today, visit my SmugMug gallery.


  1. You are traveling pretyy country, Donna. Sorry we won't be at the Escapade to meet you in person. We have a family wedding to attend in Coeur d'Alene, and on the way there, a 60th anniversary party in Helena, MT.

    We'll watch your travels on your Lily Pad.

  2. I agree with weaverworks that the deer might be helpful on the parking crew. Just have them lead the RVs to their proper place.

    Ann accident like that could pretty much spoil one's vacation trip. It looks like there is a KOA right there. Any idea whose fault it likely was?


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