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Friday, May 11, 2018

If you think we've been busy lately, you're right. Me with writing and Stu with a new-to-him motorcycle trailer. He is prepping for his group ride with the Run for the Wall group, leaving from Cookeville on the 22nd, headed to DC and then spending several weeks in Maryland with family. His old partner, who now lives in California, is riding the whole route.

Oh, the trailer. Last year we sold BRAT2, believing we had no need for it since we didn't foresee any long motorcycle trips in our future. Fast forward to now and even though I won't be doing any long trips, Stu still has the itch.

Here is BRAT (Big Red's Attack Trailer):

Here is BRAT2 (ditto #2):

Here is BCAT (Black Cherry's Attack Trailer), as is-where is (when he picked it up):

BCAT now has new tires, new rims, new coupler, repainted frame, new locks, new lights, all new wiring, and spray paint job (for now). He also installed a new trailer hitch on the Tri-Glide (Black Cherry).

Here is Stu working on the final touches:

So I will be a motorcycle widow till the middle of June. At least I have the #2Doods to keep me company (and bark away any intruders - if the sound of our security alarm doesn't do it). LOL!

If you haven't visited my author blog in a while, maybe it's time to check it out. I'm writing a lot of flash fiction (ultra short stories) as well as sharing a few personal tidbits from time to time.

Ciao for now!


  1. After your lovely story, I had to come visit you! How fun to see Stu working on the trailer - as I no longer have a bike to dote on I spent the day working on my fun car so I can get her back on the road for the Summer. Love your 2 Doods!

    1. Hi Agnes! Glad you stopped by...I look forward to more of your posts. You have officially been added to my blog reader.

      The #2Doods were my A to Z challenge on this blog. Lots of cute (to me) photos of them as they grew. Not that they are done growing...another year of that. LOL!


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