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Friday, May 25, 2018

These two signs (wall hangings) arrived a couple of weeks ago, but I keep forgetting to blog about them.

This one is going on our back deck on the covered area...

This one will eventually go on (or in) Stu's "Backend of Nowhere Garage" (aka the pole barn).

Aren't they fantastic? Well crafted, lightweight and not that expensive. Oh, you want to know where we got them. Advanced Metal Art They have a huge variety of custom items you can order for yourself or as a gift. Great to work with and very responsive to emails.

Because we have a wood deck, we often see carpenter bees this time of year. We get our twice a year termite/bug protection/inspection done in April/May and October/November timeframes. In the spring we always mention the bees so they can spray. This year Stu added some additional protection...homemade carpenter bee traps. They'd been out for weeks with no results. Yesterday afternoon,  I noticed we had a bee!

A couple hours later, we had two!

It was a perfect late afternoon to sit outside and enjoy the weather, listening to the sounds of country living: dogs barking (for once, not mine), tractor running and a donkey braying.

The #2Doods love playing in the late afternoons when the backyard isn't so hot. They have made a slalom run around these trees and enjoy chasing each other in, out and around them. In the second photo, they'd just finished racing around when they noticed me on the deck taking photos. LOL!

We were due for rain all week, but so far, it's been gorgeous weather. Hope it holds up so our lawn guy can mow before the grass gets much higher!

Ciao for now!


  1. I never realized your husband was a firefighter... I'm assuming so, since that's the shape of the sign for the garage.

    We have an unpainted front deck and stairs that are starting to attract carpenter bees. How you you make those traps, if you don't mind me asking?

    1. Hi John, yes - he's a retired firefighter/paramedic/chief from the county surrounding Annapolis, MD. He has 31 years in.

      I'm not sure how to exactly make them - he watched a couple of YouTube videos and that's where he got the instructions. They were out close to three weeks before we trapped the first one. Late last night, there were five in there. I suspect the first one leaves a trail that the others follow. Believe me, they weren't happy. You could also try this - several folks posted on my FB page and said it worked for keeping away bees, wasps, hornets.

    2. I've been there (Anne Arundel county, right?): I did some training at the State House a few years ago.

      I'll check out YouTube, which might be the best resource for just about everything (entertainment, education, how-to etc.) ever created. Thanks!

  2. Yes, Anne Arundel county. Small world! He uses YouTube for just about everything . He has fixed several issues on our car/truck that way and does a lot of woodworking from it. Amazing what is available now!

    1. Amazing how many people there are that share their knowledge for free. There's hope for humanity!

  3. Carpenter bees only bother your house if the wood is unsealed. They are actually valuable pollinators, using "buzz pollination," vibrating the flower so more pollen falls out. Honey bees can't do as well. Most of the bees in my garden are carpenter bees and bumblebees. We hear a lot about saving honey bees, but they aren't even US natives!


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