Sifting the Sunlight

Sunday, May 6, 2018

I love our front porch but as spring moves into summer, the afternoon sun gets too intense to enjoy it. Plus the sun coming in the front door and side window panels heats up the main living area inside, forcing the A/C to run more than we'd like.

We've put window film, blinds and curtains in both the front bedroom/office windows to minimize the heat there and we keep them closed all day long. That helps. But the front porch continued to be an issue. We talked about some bamboo drop-down blinds and that got me looking at Amazon to see what was available. Bambooreeds, vinyl, PVC woodgrain and other synthetics - surprisingly there were a lot of options for outdoor roll-up shades.

We finally made the decision and ordered two. They arrived on Saturday and Stu immediately went to work mounting them. We didn't see them working until today because it was cloudy yesterday. Today we got a better view of how they were going to work.

We picked the Coolaroo Outdoor Cordless Roller Shade for several reasons, one of which was our familiarity with the fabric. Coolaroo is the maker of the dog hammock we have for the #2Doods. it wears well, is washable (thus no issues with rain outside) and good reputation.

Installation day, overcast...

Today with the afternoon sun shining brightly...

I love them! No cords, an easy to use removable wand that we store inside when not in use. Weather resistant, filter the light well, color co-ordinates with our house, is hidden from view when not in use and a durable material. It's now after 5pm and the heat is usually blasting in the front...not today!!

Ciao for now!


  1. A very neat and tidy solution! We are currently renting a small townhouse and here's the thing I cannot get my head around: during summer we have full sun in all the rooms, except the sunroom which is enclosed with glass panels and supposed to be the place where you can sit in the morning sun when the weather turns bad. In winter we have no sun in any of the rooms, including the sunroom. Haha, can't wait for the expiry date of this lease.

    1. Wow! That would be frustrating. When I lived in Colorado, my sun room was my sanctuary. Got good morning sun and very diluted afternoon sun which was perfect for the high altitude of Colorado Springs. Hope you can eventually find a better place to rent!!


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