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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

When we bought this house, we knew we'd be replacing our refrigerator sooner or later. Not that there was anything wrong with it - well, other than the grunts and groans it made and the fact that it was a side-by-side, which we both disliked.

In February, Lowe's had big appliance sales and we started looking at Samsung French door models, similar to what we put in the RV. We both liked the big drawer freezer and double door at the top. Well, since all our appliances in the kitchen are white, they had to special order what we wanted. Because the price difference was minimal and, hopefully, this will be the last refrigerator we have to buy, we put in the order on Feb 27th and was told it would arrive on Mar 26th.

March came and went and it was delayed until April 6th. Then to April 26th. Finally we were told it had shipped and would be in on May 4th. Imagine our surprise when we got the call that it was in and they would deliver it on Sunday, Apr 30th!

We put everything from the freezer into coolers and the fridge stuff into the RV fridge (not turned on). They arrived about 30 minutes after they called, came in and inspected the area and took measurements. Then they pulled out our old one and put it in the garage for us, brought in the new one (just barely fit through the front door), set it up and gave us the tour of features.

I am ecstatic!! Not only do we have more usable space than with the side-by-side, but this is a larger capacity fridge than the old one. Here is a photo of the old fridge and the new one.



Lots of room in the freezer and I love that we can keep the oldest meats in the slide tray as well as smaller items that tend to get lost.

The middle drawer is for canned drinks, cheeses, deli meats, etc and has four temperature settings.

We sold the old one locally, it went to its new home yesterday! Now if we could just get rid of Stu's old metal desk...LOL!

Hooray, horray! It's the first of May! The weather is finally nice, up to 80 today (the AC kicked in, had to close the windows). The #2Doods are loving it!

Ciao for now!


  1. Yay for your new fridge!! I am so jelly of the pull out, organized freezer!!!

    1. I absolutely love it...was sold on it when we replaced our RV Norcold fridge with the Samsung French Door in our rig. Loved the freezer, too!

  2. Congrats on your new fridge! You'll enjoy the new features, I'm sure!

  3. Wonderful looking spacious fridge! Many more to come, not the last!



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