Tucson RV Life on Wheels - Part 2

Friday, March 21, 2008

Okay, so the title is about the same. Guess I should have renamed yesterday's when I realized it was too long to include everything. Oh well...in five years no one will care (I suspect no one does now...LOL!)

As many of you know, I attended my first RV Life on Wheels in Bowling Green, KY in the spring of 2006 and really enjoyed myself. I attended a lot of technical classes to help me better understand some of the mechanics of RVs as well as learning how to look at used rigs and make an informed decision.
Many wonder why anyone would attend more than event like this...factor in that I have also gone to two Escapades, which are also learning events, and recently attended the 2nd Western Gypsy Journal Rally as well.

Well let me tell you....by the end of day two of the RV Life on Wheels, I was on overload...head busting out with information and voice hoarse from talking with everyone. What a blast! I took sessions on solar, boondocking, motorhome driving tips, taking better digital photos, towing a car, exercising and more.

I realized that each time I attend events like this, my focus will have slightly shifted and I will be interested in new and different things or will have moved to the next level in other areas. There wasn't one session that disappointed me and at least two could have been split into two sessions (each for different reasons).

The staff, instructors and volunteers all went over and above to make sure that everyone had a good experience. I got parked easily...pull in and then out. The last minute class changes due to the unexpected death of an instructor, Dave Baleria, was handled extremely well. Some instructors added classes they had done before and were similar to the ones originally planned. Others pulled something related together in less than a week. The final openings were filled with unrelated classes. But it all came together....

The first night we were welcomed at Beaudry RV with a delicious dinner of lasagna, Caesar salad and breadsticks. That was followed by a cheesecake desert at Camping World. We got to wander through many open rigs as well as shop to our heart's content at CW (no, I didn't buy a thing).

The second night was RV open house....RV owners could put a pink sign in their window showing that they were willing to let you in to tour their rigs and ask questions. Just prior to that a group of solo RVers gathered together to socialize....everyone brought a chair, drink and a snack. Delicious! The last session of the day had been a roundtable discussion that was very good.

I met so many wonderful people as well as seeing old friends again. I was totally floored by the number of folks who came up and told me they read my blog. Thank you one and all...I'll try to keep it enjoyable and sometimes educational but still fun to read. You all honor me....

Today I ended up sleeping in....and not attending any sessions (there were only two). An online friend stopped by and we ended up chatting for over two hours! Enjoyed it though... From there I attended the closing ceremonies and door prize drawings. As usual I won nothing...but that's okay. LOL!

I decided to grab lunch in the cafeteria, I had been eating in the RV, and sat down with two Escapee form "gonnabees", Dave & Linda Sands. They plan to go as green as possible and full-time in a custom built Class B. They were amazed at how much they learned and how valuable the information was....they plan on making several changes & adjustments to their future home.

As I got ready to leave, one of the parking crew, Jim, stopped by and told me that he needed to buy my Solar Oven for one of the instructors. Seems as though the instructor was waiting for his wife to arrive...she did but since I wasn't in my RV, we never connected. They left and directed Jim to buy the oven for them, if I hadn't sold it. Thank you Mike Steffan and hope you enjoy the oven.

I had also posted my Kyocera Router (never taken out of the box) on the bulletin board and Rick & Joyce Lang from RVSEF decided to buy it. They were the folks that weighed my rig at the Goshen Escapade and although I knew I was overweight, Rick convinced me it was better to know how overweight and where. Now that I know, I have to get serious about reducing some of the rear weight. I'm actually a little lighter in the front but that is probably due to the added weight at the rear. Side to side I'm pretty good...not as good as I was previously but not as bad as I thought I would be. So the next month will see me doing some wholesale cleaning...gonna get vicious. Anyone need any office supplies? LOL!

When I sell the motorcycle/trailer and move to towing a 4 wheels down car, I will actually reduce the rear weight. I didn't realize that towing flat has no added tongue weight. I like that!

This weekend will be very busy...I hope to look at the car I am interested in buying. I will continue to find ways to advertise the bike and motorcycle here locally in Tucson (already on Craigslist). I will answer the over 50 outstanding blog comments that are in my inbox as well as the other 30 backlogged messages. I will catch up on some client billing. I know there is more but that's a start. Phew, tired already!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Man, you found a toad easily enuf, didn't you! It took me about a month. I know you already know how you want to tow it, but I have to recommend Blue Ox's Aladdin. Can't say enuf good things about it.

    Good luck!

  2. I agree with Lynne about the Blue Ox Aladdin tow bar. Mine has been great. Also do spend the extra money to get a toad brake system installed, even if just using one of the boxes that sit in front of the driver's seat. They can really make a big safety difference and actually are a requirement in some states as there are no tow cars that weigh less than 1500 pounds.

  3. Donna...

    We're at North Ranch SKP Park in Congress....not too far from you. We'll be here until the middle of May. Give us a call: 850-294-0281.

    Hugs...........Pat (and Mike)


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