Stu: Day 1 On the way back to MD

Monday, March 17, 2008

Day 1 On the way back to MD
Mar 17, 2008

Pick the girls up from the airport yesterday. Left from Houston on our way back to Maryland. Hope to arrive by the weekend. Looking forward to some quality time with my girls.

Day 2, Didn't know Tennessee had a Cleveland
Mar 18, 2008

Day 2, the girls and I have adjusted to the rythms of Rving together. I'm not used to all the many items that young ladies need in order to survive. but, we have been having fun. Staying in a WalMart parking lot tonight. Had to listen to all the "redneck" comments. I may not feed them tomorrow.

If the weather holds out we will take the day to visit the Smoky Mountains. Lin and I spent many a vacation here and it was our favorite place in the world. We always came away from here with a great sense of peace.

Number 2 daughter, Melissa, drove the rig for a couple of hours. She did a terrific job.



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