Stu and Lin: Lin moved to LTAC Hospital in Houston

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lin has been moved to a LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) Hospital here in Houston
Mar 6, 2008

The doctors have met and all were in agreement to send Lin to Kindred Hospital in Houston, a few blocks from St Luke's. The primary goal of Kindred is to remove all the medical impediments to her rehabilitation and eventual recovery. She remains sleepy but improves each day, albeit slowly. She will have to have the trach and feeding tube removed when her body is ready. This requires her to be able to sit up for at least four hours a day, swallow and breathe without any supplemental O2. During her stay she will be evaluated by physical, respiratory and dietary therapy among others. Each will add to her plan of therapy and begin to accelerate her recovery. I have seen some improvements 24 hours after her transfer. This includes some very rudimentary communication via hand squeezes and holding up fingers. It is not consistent enough to really help me communicate effectually yet, but I believe that will happen soon. Lin's slow recovery is hallmarked by some body movements that are unusual. Head swaying and hand movement that are mixed with purpose and non-purpose that I am told are not unusual for someone with a brain injury. It shows the brain attempting to restore function.

I have made arrangements for at least another month here. That's probably just a start, we'll see. Lin can receive stuff at this new facility. However, I'm going to ask for cards only for now. Please send them via our Livingston Address. If don't have it, email me. Other items would be appreciated when Lin's can truly enjoy them.

If Lin continues to improve like I'm sure she will, we could be in MD in August for the new baby. We really can't predict that as of now. Thanks for all of your good thoughts, prayers etc.



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