Stu and Lin: We can communicate!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

We can communicate!!!
Mar 7, 2008

2 days at the LTAC and we are makings good progress. Lin is awake more now then asleep. She can nod her head yes and mouth words. (no speech until the trach is removed, more work before that). It seems that the predicted brain swelling continues to reduce and allow Lin to do more. Each day seems to bring another small thing. It will take time and the biggest challenges are still ahead. Getting the brain back to functioning is one thing, getting the body back to strength and coordination is another and probably the longer challenge. No matter, I got kisses, hugs, hand waves and some persistent requests/complaints. Lin was too hot and she wanted more ice chips. Just can't please her. She'll be wanting "COPS©" next.

I made contact with some friends from Beach Harbor and it was really nice to hear from them. One is fighting her own battle with cancer. Her name is Marcella, please remember her in your prayers. Some of you know about Mike, My youngest daughter's boyfriend. He too is fighting the good fight, please remember him also. His story can be found here. Thanks for caring.



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