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Monday, March 3, 2008

Forgive the lack of posting, some of it due to being busy but some of it due to not being busy! LOL!! Back to the end of last week....

As you read in my last post, I survived my first trip into Mexico. But due to visiting the eye doctor so late in the day, I needed to return to pick up my glasses (often you can get same day service if you visit early). The plan was to go in to get my glasses, do a little more window shopping, meet some of the other Boondockers for dinner & drinks before coming home.

So Friday arrived, the plans were set and we headed into Algodones to get my glasses. Not a bit of trouble other than the over-the-nose & ear fittings that are always a pain. Got two nice cases and we headed to do a little window shopping. I wanted to find the leather guy that I had seen before and Doug wanted to look at throws & rugs. Well, the leather guy had his sign up but the sunglass guy in his spot said he wasn't there but would be on Saturday...oh well. After wandering to more unseen areas and looking at various items, we headed to the restaurant as planned.

We ended up with eleven Boondockers...nice group. The vendors love big tables of people, especially ones with drinks on the table (Marguerita's were the order of the day for most folks). As I said, I like hats and was interested in getting one more good straw hat so when the hat vendor came around I asked if he had anything in a small, fully expecting he wouldn't. Well, he did...and everyone liked it on me. So next came the price negotiation...I turned that over to the crowd. Turns out one of the other ladies wanted one and we ended up with two for $28 as compared to the intially quoted price of one for $25. It's very tightly woven with a small plaid hatband and I really like it. The closest I could find online was this Gambler Hat (not exact - the crown on mine isn't as high).

So fast forward and the group decides to visit the infamous Green Door, known by the locals as Bar Olimpico. It has a reputation for some seedier goings on upstairs but for the most part, it was tame by U.S. adult entertainment standards. Everyone had a good time (some "gooder" than others.....hee-hee!) and we were back home by 10 pm.

Saturday Doug and I took a trip into Yuma so he could get propane, diesel for his truck and we ended up getting groceries and having a light dinner. We found his bank, Wells Fargo, inside a Fry's Grocery store so we opted to go ahead and pick up what we each needed since we planned to hit the road on Sunday. As I wandered the store I kept seeing "Kroger" mentioned.

For those who don't know, that is a chain in the east that is operates under the name of Fry's in the west as well as several other names (more details here). Since I didn't have a Fry's discount card, I decided to ask if my Kroger discount card would work. The cashier assured me that it did and I replied that was a shame since I didn't have my card with me, it was on my other keychain. After ensuring that my keychain was in my RV in the area and NOT back at home in another state, he swpied my order with their courtesy card so I could get the discounts (saved $6 off an $85 total). Once I explained that my keys had better be with me since I was a full-timer, we chatted about his parents who are full-timers. Not sure how well the folks behind me took his chatter but I thought it was interesting.

We stopped at a little spot that looked like a diner out of the past, Brownie's Cafe. Super staff, great food...would definitely visit again. By the way, the older gentleman that welcomed up was Brownie's brother....and a wonderful host!

We missed the 4:00 social hour but made the 7:00 campfire. We left early to get our rigs set for a 7 am departure on Sunday. Why so early? Well, the wind was already picking up on Saturday night and much of southern CA and southwest AZ were under an all day high wind warning with gust up to 40-50 mph. We had about 100 miles to travel and wanted to get a little ahead of the worst of it.

Not many photos but here are the final sunrise and sunset shots I took in Winterhaven, CA. YOU decide which is which....if it matters. LOL!

The drive over was amazing...both in the scenery in some spots and in the wind. Phew! Didn't dare take either hand off the steering wheel so no photos of the drive. We stopped in Ehrenberg to dump & take on fresh water and I got propane in Quartzsite at the RV Pit Stop. I can easily manage two weeks on a dump/water stop, and probably could make three if careful. Propane seems to be about a month unless it's really cold.

Anyway, we are now parked between Bouse & Quartzsite, parking on BLM land.I have to take my rig back into Q for a tweak to my inverter but other than that we plan to get the bikes out and hopefully get in some good riding. Here are a few shots of the area.

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. And the story continues to unfold. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time- I am glad for you. A little envious, but glad for you. I like the way your photos appear small in the blog post but can be enlarged for more detail. Are the actual larger photos on the blog site or hosted somewhere else?


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