Stu and Lin: The double edge of everything

Sunday, March 9, 2008

The double edge of everything
Mar 9, 2008

Lin is now awake more during the day then she is asleep. Still very weak but able to let me know when things are bothering her. It's tough now because she is also aware of her situation more now than before. "With every medicine there is a little bit of poison" As things continue to improve and wake up, all those things that we take for granted become major issues. Itchy skin, a feeling of not be able to get enough air amongst other things. Couple that with being unable to communicate in a way that she is used to = frustration, both for her and for me. Y'all know I'm supposed to fix everything and Lin has all the patience... I am reminded from a dear friend that this is a marathon and not a sprint. I never liked any kind of running, so I'm gonna walk - with Lin at her pace. I am encouraged with her progress no matter how little. The last few days have been eventful if not trying, mostly for Lin. Monday she gets her chair and the "get out of bed" man will be after her. As she increases her time sitting, she will gain strength, increase immunity, improve breathing, reduce swelling and start to gain muscle mass.

A lot of folks have asked me if they can do anything... yes they can... send your email to Lin, talk to her not me (or leave a message on the web site). And send cards to our Livingston address. I get my mail every week at the campground I am staying at in Houston.

Speaking of email, I bought a web cam and have been video/chatting with the Bev and the grandkids. It's been great. Lin seems to enjoy it as well. So if you're techno-savvy enough. Let me know your ID etc. and we can give it a try.

Thanks for listening and thanks for caring. Yooouuusse guys are the best.



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