Stu and Lin: Lin McNicol 8/24/45 - 3/13/08

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Lin McNicol 8/24/45 - 3/13/08 "Do Not Cry For Me"
Mar 13, 2008

Lin has moved on, we are left to remember her and miss her. She had read this poem years ago. She told me that it really summed up her feelings. She insisted on no funeral or a having a bunch of folks weeping away over her. She wanted to have everyone at a bar remembering all the good things and celebrating a life worth living. So that is what I'm going to do. I will be returning to Maryland and will set a date for the festivities. Kapish?
Do not cry for me.
I am still here,
You may not be able to see me,
But I am,
I am here in spirit, not in person.
Do laugh for me.
I know I am not here,
But laughing will help ease the pain.
Laughing will let you see me,
See me in the good time.
Do not grieve for me.
You may think I'm gone,
But I'm not.
I am still here,
Here in your heart and memories.
Be happy for me,
We had the good times together,
And the bad,
But life was fun - still is fun,
And it will go on and on.
Be happy and laugh.
Just remember the times we shared,
And laugh.
See me laughing with you.
Please be happy for me,
Please laugh for me,
But please remember not to cry for me...
I will miss my best friend...

Bless you all,


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