Too Much.... Too Many.... Too Little....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Too much going on every day, too many photos taken, too little time to post it all! LOL! Yes, this is what retired life should life! So I will try to create a short synopsis of the last several days.

  1. Beautiful morning sunrises
  2. Gorgeous evening sunsets
  3. Hours spent meeting friends, old & new, around the communal campfire
  4. Some great campfire meals
    ~ Eggs in a Bag breakfast
    ~ S'mores
    ~ Potato Bake & Pot Luck dinner
  5. More great meals
    ~ Grilled steak shared with friends
    ~ Community center breakfasts with the group
    ~ In town breakfast (delicious omelette)
    ~ In town lasagna (still have the leftover to enjoy)
    ~ Upcoming pizza (same place as the lasagna)
  6. Perfect weather
  7. HOT weather
  8. Six hour motorcycle trip to see Parker Dam & the London Bridge
  9. Several nice walks around the BLM are where I'm parked
    ~ Desert flowers blooming
    ~ Interesting deadwood
  10. Views that I will never forget
I'm sure there is more but those are the highlights. Here are some of the photos!







On Friday morning I head out of here and wend my way to Tucson and the RV Life on Wheels conference. So I suspect blogs will be infrequent for the next week as well. I will try to check in from time to time though.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Donna,
    You are living the life..
    You continue to inspire, uplift, motivate, entertain.......

    I believe I said "you set the standard" and "no pressure here".

    I'm so tickled that you are having so much fun.
    Hugs, Karon

  2. Compliments to you for your blog posts with a good balance between words and thumbnails of photos. Keep it up.

    I may have to check out this RV Life on Wheels conference. Not so sure I need the conference after seven years, but just so I may meet you and others living a nomadic life style.

  3. If you see Peggy Waterman at LoW please say "Hi" for me. And congratulate her on her retirement and them finally getting the chance to go RVing.

  4. Wow! This particular series of photos made me see for the first time how amazing the desert really is. I clicked on every one to enlarge, and those wildflowers! The purple-haze-colored hills with the deeper blue hills behind them! The glorious skies, and the deadwood "sculptures"! And the wonderful list of all the happy things you're doing.

    It shows in your writing how your refusal to whine or to deal in self-pity gives your life a real glow. Like the earlier commenter said, you continue to inspire.

    Happy Trails,

  5. With the Nuvi, you should be able to touch MENU and then touch the sat signal strength indicator, it should then show you accuracy, elevation, position of sat's and all sat signal strength.


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