The Owl and The Snake

Thursday, September 5, 2013

The other day I posted a photo of our owl - we now have three hanging high in the pavilion.

But if that doesn't scare off the birds, Stu made two rubber hose snakes to lay on top of our nice white roof.

Tomorrow is our final clean up around the RV, do laundry, get rid of food and pack day. Of course I'm still hard at work on book two in my mystery series. Still hoping to get it up on Amazon before we go.


Have you read the first book, "Not a Whisper" yet? Here is the latest 5 star review:

"This is the first book in quite a while that was hard for me to put down. I stayed up entirely too late and just about drained the battery on my phone reading Donna B. McNicol's tale of murder, arson, kidnapping and, oh yes, a bit of romance. The ending was quite a surprise! Buy it. Read it. Wait impatiently for the next in the Klondike series."

You can also download the FREE Klondike Kompanion [PDF] to learn more about the main characters.


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