Fast and Slow through New Mexico - Rt 66

Saturday, September 21, 2013

First we have to say a big THANK YOU to Kevin and Nancy, owners of the Blue Swallow Motel, for a wonderful stay. We are glad we took everyone's advice and made reservations ahead of time. A step back into history, we were welcomed with open arms, hot coffee and personal service. We didn't make the evening campfire but Stu did run out with a couple of other guests and tried to get a few shots of the neon. Next time he'll use a tripod. ;) Oh, and it sure was nice to be able to park the bikes in the garage!

This morning we got routing advice from Kevin - due to the recent heavy rains some of the old Rt 66 is covered with water and mud. We also took his advice and got breakfast at the Kix 66 restaurant just down the street. The meal was so good we forgot to take a photo until we were almost done. Yum!

As we were gearing up to leave, THIS pulled in...sweet set-up!

We went through the rest of town before jumping on I-40. We exited at Montoya as directed and were quickly faced with this! A quick u-turn and we got back on the interstate for a bit longer.

I got a laugh at our gas stop - imagine yourself sitting down on the toilet and then LOOK where the toilet paper is mounted. LOL!

We stopped at Clines Corner for a break, browsed the gift shop and grabbed a little snack. Okay, dessert. At least I remembered to take the photo this time.

The rest of the ride was uneventful with a lot of it on the highway. The last 30 or so miles, from Moriarty to Albuquerque, was really enjoyable. By the time we arrived at our hotel, we were ready to strip off the layers we had worn (and needed) all day. Oh, and we got a giggle out of this little Vespa and it's stylish rider.

We've booked two nights here, I need to rest my weary body. LOL! We might take a ride up to the little town of Madrid (featured in the movie Wild Hogs) or may just relax. We plan to go to a movie in the evening. Then on Monday we press on westward!

On a side note, my second mystery novel, Barely a Spark, is selling well and I have also gained a lot of new readers of the first in the Klondike Mystery Series, Not a Whisper. Thank you to everyone who has bought and read (or plans to read) them!


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