Riding through Kansas, stopping in Miami OK - Rt 66

Monday, September 16, 2013

A gorgeous but HOT Sunday afternoon brought us through the 16 miles of Route 66 in Kansas...first stop was in Galena, home to the famous Tow Mater. [hee-hee] According to the folks in the gift shop, both trucks run but Tow Mater needs brakes right now.

Across the street is the Haunted Bordello....

We almost missed the turn for the Rainbow Bridge so I waited to take a photo while Stu made a u-turn and rode across.

And we did get a nice road shot of the Kansas Route 66 logo...

We rolled quickly through Baxter Springs...pretty quiet on a late Sunday afternoon. We'll go back either later today or tomorrow morning for my stops at the local newspaper office and then the library.

Before we knew it we had rolled into Oklahoma where the sidewalks were rolled up in Commerce as well. We had been advised to stop in at the Dairy King and chat with the owner but no go. Sigh...

Next was Miami OK where we planned to stay at a Microtel Inn & Suites for the night. By the way, you don't pronounce Miami OK the way you do Miami FL.

The rain moved in overnight and we made the executive decision to stay another night here. More catching up on emails, on-line stuff, blog writing and laundry (again). Looks like we'll be dodging raindrops most of the week but at a 30% chance or less. Today was 80%...

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  1. My cousin and members of her camera club out of Springfield where at many of the places you were between Springfield and Baxeter Springs a couple of months ago. Shame you missed Red Oak II. Cool place.

    Ride safe


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