RV Pavilion is done!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The call came just after 6 am, the crew was on the way to our house to build our pavilion. We got up, packed up the rig, unhooked and moved into our neighbor's driveway for the day (they were out of town but even if they weren't, we know they would have told us to do the same). A couple more phone calls, they got lost trying to find our property in the middle of nowhere (or at the back end of nowhere, as Stu says).

By 8:00 they were here, unloaded and hard at work. Stu took photos throughout the day while I tried deal with minimal or nonexistent Internet connection (our Verizon aircard connected via the neighbor's booster). I quickly gave up and worked on things that didn't need access.

By 3:30 they were done, we were cleaning up and quickly moved the rig into position where we could bring up the dish and at least have TV for the night.

Today we backed the rig in completely, got the Internet back on (thanks to our DSL line) and Stu ran into Cookeville to get the parts needed to put a dish up on the pavilion. By 7 pm, the dish was installed, aligned, and we were completely back in business!

When we leave on our motorcycle trip we will pull Freddie (the Freightliner) in beside the RV (with the slides in). Things will be much more protected from the weather and nature (birds). It looks really nice next to our shed and it's VERY well built! I suspect Stu would use this company to build his pole barn when we get to that point.

Here are some photos, click to enlarge, you can see the rest in our SmugMug album.
[CLICK HERE to be taken to the slideshow version of all the photos]

Here is a video of the augur digging the holes for the posts:

Here is one of the trusses being installed using a crane attachment for the bobcat:


  1. Very coo! Do you think you'll ever put sides on it?

  2. Ummm, about those birds...nope! You just built them a wonderful place for nesting in the rafters. So if you have a cover for the entire rig you might want to use it!

  3. I must second FF's motion ... the Swifts and Swallows will sing your praises now. ;)

    By the by, the links to the "videos" go to JPeG photos.

    It's a grand looking shed and likely to be a true asset to the property.

  4. Were hoping plastic owls will keep the birds at bay. That and some black garden hose (snake) on the roof of the rig. We'll see.

  5. Wil, the links to the videos are fixed. You can also view the photos as a slideshow now (added link to the post above).

  6. What a huge project for one day! It looks like you had great weather for it though.


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