Back on the road in New Mexico - Rt 66

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gorgeous but cool weather greeted us in Albuquerque this morning. We took our time loading up, as you can see by this photo showing Stu chatting with his buddy Do-wop (back in Maryland).

We jumped on I-40 to roll out of town before getting directed back to the old Route 66. Once outside of town the scenery did nothing but get better! Here is just a taste of our views today....

We noticed a Class A motorhome heading in the same direction as us, a rental from El Monte RV. We commented because we are used to seeing their Class C rentals, never a Class A before. At one point we stopped in the road to get a photo of the painted Rt 66 symbol. The motorhome came chugging through and we thought nothing more about it. About 20 minutes later we pulled into a gas station for a pit stop and noticed the motorhome was parked there. Before we had our gear off, a lady walked over and asked Stu if he remembered her.

Turns out the motorhome is the traveling vehicle for some folks from the UK that we met while at the Blue Swallow. They wanted to see our bikes. Now it turned out they had been snapping photos of us as we passed and doing a video of us as we rode through the "twisty bits". If I'd had my head on straight, I'd gotten a photo of us all. We gave her our card with contact information - they'll be home in October sometime. After hearing their itinerary, we realized we may cross paths again (and then I'll get a photo). Great fun!

Stu pulled in so I could snap a photo of him by the sign marking the Continental Divide. As we pulled out we noticed...the motorhome from El Monte so we tooted and waved. As we turned back onto I-40 for another 30 or so miles, I grabbed a shot of the DEAD END sign for Route 66. LOL!

Tomorrow we've going to ship a box back home of stuff that we've discovered we don't need as well as most of the mugs, signs, pins, etc that we've picked up. ;) Going to be really cool in the morning, upper 30's, but when we end the day in Holbrook, it should be close to 85. We'll spend a little time riding through the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest on our way through the area.

Oh, before I forget...just took several days worth of photos off Stu's phone. Here's a great shot of Kevin *& Nancy Mueller, owner operators of the Blue Swallow Hotel and their resident guard dog who LOVES her job.

As always, you can see more photos in our SmugMug album and be sure to click any image above for a larger view.


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