We made it to Arizona - Rt 66

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The morning started out cool, as expected, so we layered up. Of course by the time we got on the road, it was already warming and the trend continued all day. So we layered down...LOL!

It didn't take too long to move out of New Mexico and into Arizona. We had one road construction detour that forced us to stay on I-40 so we didn't get much back road riding. But that was okay, it gave us even more time to enjoy the Painted Desert/Petrified Forest National Park. We spent all afternoon, starting out with lunch at the visitor center (after we bought a few things) and continuing until around 4pm when we headed off to Holbrook.

Here is a sampling of pictures we took, including some panorama ones that Stu tried with his new camera. As always, there are more in the SmugMug album.

[click to see larger images]

High wind warnings for all areas west of us convinced us to book another night at the Howard Johnson's (where we had a great rate for a great room). Of course, now the wind warning has been extended another 24 hours but we already have reservations for the next three nights - one in Williams and two in Kingman (where we will do the trip up to Oatman on the trike). Hoping tomorrow isn't as rough as today has been. Time will tell....


  1. Beautiful way to see the country.

  2. I think the coldest weather I ever rode in was 17. And that was when I was a new rider with only elk skin gloves and no real cold weather gear. The hotest was 109.


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