Six Questions of the Week....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Borrowed this idea from another blogger...thanks Cindy of Full Timing is like a Chinese Fire Drill
  1. When traveling down the road do you leave your day/night shades up or down?
  2. If you have pets, have you had any issues with campgrounds?
  3. Do you carry a large outside trash can with you?
  4. What do you miss most when you are traveling?
  5. Are you a full-timer, wannabe full-timer, part-timer or vacationer only?
  6. If you're a full-timer, do you have an exit strategy (from RVing)

And here are our answers:
  1. We always keep the night shade down when traveling to keep the temperature inside as comfortable as possible.
  2. We'll find out come October....LOL!
  3. We've talked about getting a folding one but haven't found it necessary. Guess if someone gave us one we wouldn't refuse it. ;-)
  4. I miss my office space...loved separating it out from the rest of my living area. Stu probably misses a real garage/work area. The garage suffices...IF the bikes are unloaded.
  5. We are full-timers and loving it!
  6. We have purchased property in middle TN where we will initially set up an RV lot (hopefully this fall & spring). Then a pole barn (maybe another 5 years) and eventually a small home (you don't need much after living in less than 300 sf).
Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. 1. Our shades are most stable when they are down and they keep the unit cooler.

    2. No pets here.

    3. No large outside container for us. Use store bags in two small ones inside.

    4.I miss my desktop computer (although very glad to have my laptop, and washer/dryer (but wouldn't want one in the RV).

    5. We're "as much as we can" timers. No interest in being full-timers yet, but spend about half of our time on the road.

    6. We hope to settle in Alabama/southern Georgia in 2-3 years with lakefront property, a small house, and room for the RV. That plan is not set in stone, so it may be just us and a larger RV.

    kg4rmt at arrl dot net
    Selene, NC

  2. You're so right! Our stix & brix is probably about 950 sq ft and it works for us!

  3. For us it would be...
    1. We leave em up so the doggy guys can look out. 2. Yep, & it's one of the many reasons we avoid camp grounds. 3. We have a fold up one but don't use it much. 4. Daily long hot showers!! 5. Snow Birds. 6. We live in our exit strategy during the summer.

  4. 1-Night shades usually fall down along the way
    2-No pets here
    3-Never needed one..
    4-unlimited hot showers
    5-part-timer...winters only, so far
    6-Tennessee sounds fun..want some neighbors?

  5. We were up in the area where you purchased property. We were at Big South Fork National Park this past weekend. We will be looking forward to pictures when you do the improvements!

  6. 1. Day Shades Down/Night Shades Up
    2. No Pet...No Problems
    3. No Outside Trash Can
    4. I only miss not traveling
    5. Full timing is a great life
    6. My exit is 7 feet in the ground

  7. 1) Down - keeps the sun out
    2) Have 2 Chihuahuas - no problem.
    3) Have a collapsible one, but never use it while on the road. We're planning on some Happy Hours at our site this winter - will use it then.
    4) Money - used to have more of it when we worked.
    5) We've been full-timers for 14 months and love it
    6) We hopefully kept enough investments (land/money) to provide us with an "exit" someday. We also bought our own RV lot in Florida and we could put a park model or double-wide on it some day.

  8. 1. I put the shades up.
    2. We have pets and have had no problems so
    3. We have the folding trash can (Camping
    World) and use it when we stay for awhile.
    4. I miss the long hot showers with plenty of
    water pressure.
    5. We are full-timers but have found due to
    family and health issues we are becoming
    more "part-timers." We don't move as much
    as we had planned.
    6. Our exit plan is to lease an apartment in
    LaGrange, Georgia (where we are mainly
    from). We might go ahead and lease it
    since we could put our "kept" furniture
    in it and stop storing it. We will NOT
    give up RVing. Plans do change
    though. :-)

  9. 1. Depends on weather. Today is dark and rainy so all are up.
    2. No pets.
    3. Outside? I only go outside when there's a party there. :)
    4. Knowing how to get to familiar places
    5. Full-timing
    6. Sure. Lots of them. Varies from day to day and depends on which of us you are asking.

  10. 1. We leave the day shades down and the night shades up. It's a good compromise. Keeps out some of the sun, but lets in most of the light.
    2. No pets anymore. Had to put old Clyde down last year. Sure miss the old fellow, but enjoying the lack of responsibility.
    3. Small plastic one with a swinging self-closing lid.
    4. Can't think of anything. Bev would probably say her family (who we are currently visiting).
    5. Full-timers since July 07.
    6. Exit plan? What exit plan? We don't need no steenking exit plan! 8^)

  11. 1. Down.
    2. One dog - never had any problems.
    3. Not yet but thinking about getting one.
    4. Grand kids!
    5. Full-timers for 3 years.
    6. No plans yet. Lots of ideas!


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