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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Okay, while we are busy at Disney, thought I'd toss a few more questions of the week. Be patient when you post will take a bit before I can get online and approve them (keeps the spammers down). So here we go!
  1. Do you think you are in better, worse or the same health compared to when you started RVing?
  2. Do you go back to the same place every year for your workups/checkups?
  3. Nasty question....weight up, down or essentially the same since you started RVing?
  4. Do you think you get enough exercise on a regular basis?
  5. Do you eat out more than once or twice a week?
  6. How have your cooking/eating habits changed since you went RVing?
Here are our answers:
  1. Stu says he's a little worse thanks to his knees. I think I'm in slightly better (other than weight) because I am taking two less prescriptions.
  2. We go back to Stu's home area here in Maryland every fall for our checkups.
  3. Stu's weight is down, mine is up. (What's up with that? LOL)
  4. Nope but we're working on it. We were better last winter when we were walking every day. Once we get back from Disney we'll be tackling the bicycles (better for Stu's knee till he gets it repaired). We'll also be opening and I'll be using the Wii Just Dance.
  5. Unfortunately, yes. Again, we were down to 1-2 times a week last winter. Now we're up to a lot more. Got to get back down to the 1-2 mark.
  6. Our biggest change has been throwing out all processed foods. We use only whole grain cereal, breads, crackers and pasta. We use only frozen or fresh vegetables and we eat a lot of fresh fruit. 
So hope this little survey doesn't offend anyone...remember, you don't have to answer at all!

Here's to many more healthy years for ALL of us!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. 1. Better - before my early retirement & start of fulltime RV'ing, I was sitting behind a desk, working 60-80 hrs a week at a highly stressfull job.
    2. Yes, I do mine at my winter homebase each year
    3. Down significantly since retirement, but still needs to go down a lot more.
    4. No, not consistently
    5. No, now that I avoid fast food places and still feel uncomfortable at sit down restaurants as a solo, I rarely eat out.
    6. When working 80 hrs a week & being single, fast food was my main food source. Now I avoid all fast food.

  2. We are not fulltimers - we now average 7 months a year in the RV. I retired 10 1/2 years ago and bought an RV right away. Started out 2 - 3 months a year and worked our way up.

    1) probably better overall. My eyes got a little worse due to overexposure to sun. I did not know your eyes could sunburn and that it is permanent damage... I seem to have more energy.

    2) yes

    3) About the same - still slightly overweight

    4)no. I do a lot better when we are actually traveling. We do a lot of exploring on foot.

    5) At home, maybe twice a month. While RVing, once a day average. We RV six or seven months a year.

    6) We eat better. Less fast foods, more salads and fresh food.

  3. Cool, another set of questions! :)

    Well, we've only been at this for 5 months, but we've had very positive results. Hopefully, we continue going in that direction. I think our answers are influenced a lot by the fact that we are still working and trying to stick to a very limited budget. If we were traveling more and money wasn't as much of a concern, I'm sure our answers would be different.

    1. Most definitely, better. Prior to full-timing, we were both sitting behind desks for 40-50 hours a week and so mentally drained that we often had trouble finding motivation to do much of anything.
    2. Not sure yet. We will be returning to Colorado this fall and are planning to get checkups and teeth cleaning done. Don't know if we'll make that an annual trend.
    3. Both Tracy and I have lost weight (yay!), primarily due to more activity and minimal dining out. Hope we don't gain over the winter!
    4. I think we could always do more, but I am pleased with the amount we do. With very few exceptions, we walk Hunter at least twice a day and at least a mile each time. On our off-days, we usually try to hike, kayak, or do something with some level of activity.
    5. We usually eat out 1-2 a week. That is driven largely by our work schedule - one of us works evenings 3 days a week. It's also driven by the lack of good restaurants nearby.
    6. They haven't changed greatly, other than that we cook a lot more. We used to eat out a lot prior to full-timing. We eat pretty healthy - a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains. We do tend toward a lot of quick, light meals because of our work schedules.

  4. 1. Better for both of us. I've cut my blood pressure med in half and Jim's heart doc said he is really doing great.
    2. We go back to Montana every year for our checkups.
    3. Up for me, same for Jim. (Once again, why is that?) All the eating out does not help.
    4. Yes - still not enough but definitely more than when I sat at a desk.
    5. Depends - if other rvers are around - yes. Just Jim and I - we only eat out once in awhile.
    6. We grill a lot more - fry less. A lot less fast food. And Jim does more of the cooking.

  5. 1) Worse for me(RA) but not due to RV lifestyle. DH doing the same. Both are happier.

    2) Same place, FL, each year where we are winter snowbirds.

    3) I gained weight, DH stayed the same.

    4) DH gets less exercise since he isn't working. I walk less distance, but still walk some every helps to have a dog.

    5) If it's just the two of us, then at least twice per week. When other snowbirds arrive, it will be more nights out.

    6) We seem to snack more.


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