Settled in for a few weeks...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We arrived in Stevensville, MD early afternoon on Saturday. We got the rig settled in and the bikes unloaded. Our stepdaughter has some new neighbors since we were here last fall. Across the street one new neighbor was having a birthday party for their daughter. They came over to meet us and take a peek at our rig.

Next door was a HUGE biker party....real bikers...a motorcycle club. Although the music was loud and the crowed a little noisy, we just ran our air conditioner. A few obviously planned to spend the night...we saw tents being erected in the back yard. Not sure how that worked out since the rain moved in and stayed all night long and most of Sunday. LOL!

Sunday and Monday were chore days for us. We got caught up on a bunch of little chores as well as tackling some more major ones. I cleaned out a box of clothes to send to my daughter in Colorado. Stu repaired my paperplate holder that I bought on eBay and got it mounted, freeing up some counter space. He also hung the coffee filter dispenser, freeing up even more. Heck, I might find the stovetop if this keeps up. We splurged with a Domino's pizza...YUMMY!!

Today while Stu worked on my motorcycle, changing out the location of the directionals in order to mount my new saddlebags, I worked on cleaning out some unused kitchen items.

Since today was my birthday, we headed out on Big Red for a movie. Our first stop was at Annapolis Harley-Davidson to pick up some red lenses for my rear directionals. In addition to moving my lights, we added Kuryakin's 3-way Run-Turn-Brake controller to make my bike more visible. Now when I hit the brakes, all three rear lights will flash 5 times before turning solid. We also picked up the service manual for the SuperLow.

For the movie I picked Resident Evil: Afterlife. It wasn't quite what I expected from the movie trailers but I still enjoyed it (better than Zombieland). We then stopped at Costco for some fruit and veggies on the way home. Last stop of the night was at the Double T Diner in Annapolis for some pie & ice cream. For a change I got cherry and Stu got blueberry. Both were very good but the portions were HUGE and neither of us got eat it all. LOL!

Tomorrow we are having lunch with our good friends, Larry & Judi. Still waiting to hear if we are having dinner with Stu's girls or if it will be Wednesday night. Either way, it will be great to see the girls and the grandbabies again. Today we got our hugs from Stu's twin grandgirls. They are 16 and gorgeous...they all grow up too fast!

Wednesday is our first of several doctor appointments plus I get my mammogram done in the afternoon. We'll hopefully get a little direction on Stu's knee and we're hoping he can get a shot of cortisone to help him survive our trip to Disney next week. Keeping our fingers crossed...

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Happy Birthday Donna!
    I sure do enjoy reading your blog.
    - Mary Ann :-)

  2. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday. And hoping all the dr appts turn out great. Cortisone can really do great. Hope that works out for Stu.

  3. Happy birthday, girl! Have Stu give you a big hug from me & Dave. Hope all the dr stuff goes well -- we'll be doing the same thing when we hit Albuq in October. Good times!

    Renee & Dave

  4. Donna -- BTW, I didn't realize we were both September BD was last Wed, the 8th.


  5. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like you enjoy the same "ghouly" pictures as my oldest daughter...She just loves to scare herself to death...Sometimes her hubby won't even go with her....!

  6. Happy Birthday! I so enjoy reading your blog, it helps me keep working toward my own fulltime dream!


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