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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

We spent one night at Cedarbrook Campground in Lebanon, OH....nice park but definitely on the pricey side (thanks to being close to Kings Island Theme Park. We had a great dinner with my son and his wife at Quaker Steak & Lube in Milford, OH. Food was good, conversation was great and seeing family is the BEST!

After we parted we went across the street and picked up a movie...meant no rush hour traffic for us. We saw Dinner for Schmucks...funny and quirky if a bit predictable. Then we headed back to the campground and Stu loaded the bike so we could get an early start today.

We managed to get on the road before 10:30 (yes, 10:28 IS before 10:30) and headed up I-71 to I-70. One stop at Flying J for fuel and coffee, a couple of quick pit stops and then we saw a sign for Cabela's. Our Next Exit book told us that there was also a Super Wal-Mart at this exit. Definitely time for a stretch so we exited.

Spent maybe a 90 minutes in Cabela's...we both got new sneakers (yes, I'm showing my age but they will always be sneakers to me...LOL!). We checked out the camping gear and clothes. Nothing else exciting but loved the animal displays.

We walked across the huge parking lot and we both noticed that KaZy seemed to be heavily leaning to one side. Sure enough, after inspection Stu found out that a shackle on that side had broken, thrown a shock off (no idea where it is), put the frame leaning down on the brake line which in turn burned up our pad and went into the rotor.

A quick call to Mor-Ryde and we found out that we can get the new improved shackles sent to us very quickly. BUT we are outside Wheeling, WV and really don't want to drive the rig in this condition (another 400+ miles to go).

So he found a local shop that can install a generic (i.e. temporary) shackle tomorrow. He will order the ones from Mor-Ryde and while we are parked in MD for a month, he will install them and fix the brakes. We'll get the shop to inspect the whole situation tomorrow to be sure nothing worse has been done.

Never a dull moment!!!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. Cedarbrook is a campground that we stayed at twice a year, going south and coming back as Gordon's sister lived in northern Cincinnati and his son in Dayton so it was a great spot. Their price used to be around $31. Have they gone up?

  2. Sandra, a 50 amp full-hookup is now $42

  3. Everyone up here in upstate NY where we live calls them sneakers!! :)

  4. I hate breakdowns but y'all will be on the road before you know it.

    Stay Safe

  5. They are still advertised on TV as sneakers. If you want to talk behind the times, Gordon calls them gym shoes! LOL

  6. My grandkids have never had a pair of hard soled shoes! We called tennis shoes, but back then they were black and white and said Keds on the side. Hope you can get the shackles straightened out and back on your way soon.

  7. I'm so glad you guys are safe! It sounds like it could have been more of a disaster than it was. I hope the quick fix is quick but good.

    I think I've always called them tennis shoes even though I never played tennis outside of gym class. :)

  8. Sure hope the "fix" gets you back on the road safely. And I thought the campground we're in tonight was pricey - $29 for fhu. We stopped at Cabela's in Dundee, MI yesterday and spent the night in their lot. Along with a very very very expensive looking Prevost.

  9. Our granddaughter wears "Chuck", which are high top black Chuck Taylors. Her Mom and Dad said their wedding vows in them, so I guess the nut didn't fall too far from the tree!!
    Yeah, do the temporary fix and get back on the road safely..Lucky you saw it!

  10. I've never called them sneakers, they've always been gym shoes to me! :)


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