Six Questions of the Week....Phones

Monday, September 13, 2010

Since the last Six Questions went so well, I thought I'd do another one but this time all the questions are on one topic. Phones!
  1. Are you a one, two or more cell phone family?
  2. Who is your carrier and are you happy with them?
  3. What is/are your phone/s?
  4. Do you use the phone mostly for phone calls? Texting? Email? Apps?
  5. If you use it for applications, what is the one app you use the most?
  6. What do you like/dislike the most about your phone?
Here are our (my) answers:
  1. We are a two cell phone family (although we have two non-in-service iPhones). We've talked about going to one to save money but I just don't see it happening. LOL!
  2. We just switched from AT&T to Verizon. Our first year together I had Verizon and Stu had AT&T. Then I switched to AT&T so I could get an iPhone (which I loved until recently).
  3. Stu has an LG Ally and I have a Palm Pre Plus. So far we both like them but we've had them less than a week.
  4. I guess that we use our phone 85% for the apps,10% for texting and 5% for phone calls.
  5. I'd have to say Facebook is number one but a close second are travel related apps like Accuweather, Fandango for movies and iGasUp to find the cheapest fuel.
  6. I can't speak for Stu on this one but for me I love the size and feel of my new Palm Pre Plus. I can slip it in a pocket much more easily than my old iPhone. On the least side it would have to be the lack of applications (hoping that will improve now that HP has bought Palm) followed a few little quirks that I'm trying to resolve (showing music album covers in my photo albums and not with the music...LOL!).
Looking forward to everyone's answers!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna and Stu


  1. 1. Two cell phone family
    2. Verizon now. No problems at all. Had T-mobile sidekicks for years, but had problems with reception and that Microsoft fiasco that took us off line for over a week and we never got restored correctly
    3. Android Droid (me - excellent); LG (her - hate it)
    4. Texting. I'm hearing impaired and can't use a regular phone (landline or cell)
    5. Kindle, Weather, Facebook, Twitter, Huff Post, Tech Crunch, gmail, google maps (in that order)
    6. Droid: ease of use LG: nothing

  2. 1- 2 cell phones for us
    2- AT&T..and yes, it's fine
    3- I have a Pantech and I hate it
    Dennis has a better one, that's all I know!
    4-I don't get the reason for texting, when you can just that's all we do.
    5- No smart phones smart enough people to use one!
    6- You get what you pay for...I paid $19.99..I rest my case!

  3. 1. 2 cell phones (+MiFi 2200 Verizon for internet).
    2. Verizon - excellent coverage.
    3. Samsung Intensity for me; Sam has some kind of flip-phone..not sure of's a Verizon prepaid ($30 per 3-months and rarely uses it at all!).
    4. I use mine mostly for calls and texting and sending quick pictures. Sam rarely uses his..just to stay in contact if we are apart. No apps.
    5. No apps on phone. Can check emails and FB if necessary but do most of that on Notebook with MiFi. And use Tom-Tom for GPS when traveling.
    6. Like ease of texting and getting or sending quick pictures. Might upgrade to Droid next year when contract is up, just for fun!

  4. 1. 2 phones for us, although Tracy's hasn't worked real well since she took it fishing and waded a bit too far, so we've just been using mine until we reach our upgrade period (which we just recently reached, so I appreciate your questions and will be following the responses with great interest).
    2. We have verizon and really like the coverage.
    3. We both have basic Samsungs with qwerty keyboards, although are thinking of upgrading to smart phones, probably Droids
    4.We use our phones only for phone calls and texting. Up to this point, we have avoided the data plans, not wanting to be that connected. But we are slowly being converted to the convenience of the smart phones. Just haven't decided if it's really worth the extra money.
    5. n/a
    6. Our phones are adequate for our purposes, but don't have a great attachment to them.

  5. 1. 2 cell phones,
    2. switched from AT&T to Verizon
    3. both are Palm Pre Plus
    4. mobile hot spot by far (see below)
    5. weather channel, New York Times, LA Times, camera phone (for videos to use on blog)
    6. Like the mobile hot spot feature best, followed by all the other features we did not have on our old non-smart cell phones.

    We went with the Palm Pre Plus several months ago. We were planning a 7 week trip and wanted to be able to be online more reliably than in the past. I had been looking at the Palm for a while, but when I saw that the mobile hot spot feature was free at that time, I thought it was time to check into it and convinced Karen it might be a good idea -- we always have the same phones ever since we started going with a phone for each of us.

    After we got the phones, the cell service was so improved at the house that we didn't need to search for a spot for good reception. We live 3 miles out in the country from the nearest tower.

    We do have to pay for the smart phone services, but all told our cell phone package is only about $30 more than our home phone package.

    Oh, and the mobile hot spot is as good at the house as DSL, maybe better.

    So we decided to save money and get rid of the land line, which had been connected with the same number for 29 years, and the DSL.

    The mobile hot spot wasn't great everywhere we went on the trip. However, it was almost always better than any of the other options. We would use the campground wifi if it was available, but, more often than not, we ended up using our own. The hot spot worked at Gros Ventre campground in Grand Teton national Park. It didn't work at Fishing Bridge in Yellowstone, but you should seen the looks and the questions people were asking when we set up in the second floor of Old Faithful Inn lobby -- "Is there wifi here?" "No, we brought our own." Verizon mobile was also available in Mammoth Village.

    (I'm also posting at )

  6. 1. We're a 3 cell phone family, although my mom has never used the phone I got her for Christmas. I may be deleting her from the plan soon :(
    2.We've had Verizon for a long time and love them!
    3. Hubby and I have Motorolas and they are ok.
    4.We use the phone for phone calls only. I don't text or e-mail on it cause I'm too cheap.
    5.No apps on the phone.
    6.The only thing I dislike is that the volume button is on the side and I keep hitting it when I hold the phone.

  7. 1) Two phones
    2) AT&T - works fine in Florida and in the East - didn't work too well out West.
    3) I have an iPhone; Roger has some type of rugged flip phone. My aircard for the laptop is with Verizon - that way I usually have Internet access with either the laptop or iPhone anywhere we are.
    4) Probably 90% for apps, 5% for texting, 5% for phone calls
    5) Roger uses his phone infrequently for phone calls. My iPhone is glued to my hand. I have lots of favorite apps. I'm constantly on the Internet, checking weather, yada yada yada.
    6) If I could only keep one electronic thing, it would probably be my iPhone - it is just amazing. Will probably upgrade to a newer iPhone one day.

  8. We are a two cell phone family.

    Our carrier is Verizon and overall we are very happy with them. Great coverage.

    Don't know but they're both simple phones, not smart phones.

    Do you use the phone mostly for phone calls?
    Use the phones 99% for calls. 1% fro texting.
    No emails. No Apps.

    No Apps.

    What do you like/dislike the most about your phone? It's simple and easy to use.

  9. 2 phones but 4 plans.

    Telus for Norma, I have SIMS for Rogers (Canada), T-Mobile (USA) & Telcel (Mexico). I switch SIMS as we cross borders. All mine are pay as you go, Norma's is a contract.

    Old Samsung slide model for me, new LG for her.

    99.5% phone calls, 0.5% texting

    What are apps?

    Nothing to like really, they are necessary evils. None of the phones we have had had decent battery life.

  10. 1. Are you a one, two or more cell phone family? Two phones.
    2. Who is your carrier and are you happy with them? AT&T - no problems anywhere except near St Louis, MO!
    3. What is/are your phone/s? Old Samsung flipphone for me - hand me down from our daughter when mine got lost. My wife has an LG Shine. Nice phone but had a screen problem once - exchanged by AT&T for free.
    4. Do you use the phone mostly for phone calls? Texting? Email? Apps? Calls 95%; photos 5%; texting email and apps are non-existant.
    5. If you use it for applications, what is the one app you use the most?
    6. What do you like/dislike the most about your phone? These things that are supposed to be so user friendly just aren't!

  11. One cell for the moment. Droid X on Verizon. A true iPhone killer, IMO. Of course, the iPhone will not go away, but the Droid X is so much better for ME. With this phone I do as much non-phone stuff as voice. Never thought I would....


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