Status update for September 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

We're still in research mode but since we will be in TN this Oct/Nov, we do want to get at least a start on setting up a parking spot for our rig. That means at a minimum:
  1. Getting our land surveyed
  2. Getting some trees cut down and back on the sides of the current driveway
  3. Getting the driveway leveled/scraped and gravel added
  4. Getting electric installed
We can then park for two weeks without having to dump and get fresh water. The line to our septic tank will come after we get the final inspection done on it and the water will come once we get the line in from the road.

But one other thing we want to do this fall is add a storage shed. We had discussed getting a cargo box but they require a lot of site prep and can be pricey. Stu wanted to be sure it was something fairly secure so a little metal shed won't do.

Recently we found these folks...A AAffordable Remodel & Sheds in Cleveland, TN. They build on site, have a good warranty, no site prep needed and we like what we see and the prices. Hoping to visit them and maybe get a 12x16 shed built. That gives us a spot to park both bikes and still leaves room for some storage (we've been collecting pint glasses, growlers and diner mugs). We especially like the barn roof where we can have a shelf installed for additional storage.

So that's the latest update...we'll be posting more as things progress this fall.

Still rolling,
Stu and Donna


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