Another gorgeous day in the desert....

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We got up early and headed out on the trike for breakfast in the little town of Borrego Springs. We stopped and ate a leisurely breakfast at Kendall’s Cafe. The food was good and plentiful, the service decent.

From there we headed out to a stretch of land on the south side of town. Galleta Meadows Estates (see sign here) is privately owned land with basic privileges accorded to the public (including 3 days of primitive camping). What an amazing display!

In addition we saw wildflowers and cactus blooming everywhere. We wandered on both sides of the road, enjoying the amazing metal art sculptures....the detail was unbelievable. My favorite cactus is the Ocotillo, closely followed by the Teddy Bear Cholla.

Afterward we visited the Anza-Borrego State Park Visitor's Center where we learned more about the area (including the fact that we don't want to summer here....124 degrees, GULP!). We then headed into town where we stopped at the Borrego Desert Nature Center. They had some really nice items but I was good and kept my hand out of my wallet. LOL!

A quick stop at the market in town for milk & yogurt and we headed back to the rig. The afternoon was getting too warm for my comfort, especially when dressed properly for motorcycle riding. I did manage to bring back one souvenir...carefully removed with needlenose pliers. Cholla is known for "jumping" out and touching anything close. I had already knocked one segment off my jeans earlier. These spines were deeply embedded in the side and bottom of my leather boots! (In other words, be careful out there....)

While visiting the sculptures we encountered someone worthy of Bad Nick's Blog. Most people were courteous and paused to let others pass, stood aside for photo know, the common courtesy things. While at the saber tooth sculptures we ran into two cars full of 30-40-somethings with several kids.

Okay, not a problem. They got the kids out to stretch their legs and walk between several of the sculptures. We stopped the bike and did the same...walking and taking photos. They ambled back to their cars as we did to the bike. We started up and they still weren't moving, they were chatting. So we backed up (they had the road ahead blocked) and took an alternate route.

We no sooner started up the other route than the lead vehicle started up and took off at high speed, swerving in the desert dirt, stirring up more than a little dust. I mentioned that I was glad we weren't behind him. Next thing we know, he's headed straight at us, still driving much faster than necessary and still swerving and spewing dirt & dust everywhere. You would have thought he was dirt track racing!

We quickly moved, once again, to another route to avoid him. We watched him continue on the dirt paths, spitting & spewing dirt everywhere. He was obviously on testosterone overload....and showing off for the kids. Keep in mind....this is not public land, but privately owned property where the owner is gracious enough to allow public access. It only takes one or two discourteous, disrespectful visitors like this man to loose access for the rest of us. What a wonderful example he was setting for his kids....NOT!

Ok, rant over.....LOL! Here is a shot of the moon over our campsite last night. This is the life....and tomorrow we venture north of town for the rest of these amazing sculptures.

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu

PS. See all the photos in our SmugMug album.


  1. Hi Donna & Stu! Thanx for this post and the terrific pics. As many times as we have visited the Anza Borrego area, we have never seen Galleta Meadows ... it's on the list now!
    Ocotillo is my favorite too ... most of the year it reminds me of an undersea plant or coral, and when blooming - wow, gorgeous! Take care, L 'n D

  2. We really like Borrego Springs!
    If you get a chance try and egg pocket at Carly's,,,around the corner from the library at the mall

  3. Wow - some really great pictures. Very interesting art work!

    And those desert flowers and cacti are beautiful! Don't think I have seen a cholla? that big.

    Looks like you are having wonderful warm weather...


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