Viva Las Vegas... Part One

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I recapped our drive from Yuma to Las Vegas as well as our first evening there in the blog, Yuma to Vegas and First Night on the Strip. Now to recap the next couple of days.

We'd gone to Las Vegas to see The Lion King (Mandalay Bay Hotel) and Garth Brooks (Wynn Hotel) as well as some general sightseeing topped with stopping in the store featured on TV in Pawn Stars.

Friday was our first real sightseeing day. We'd been advised by the staff at the Circus Circus KOA that there was an inexpensive shuttle that we could take. Get off & on all day with a 24 hour ticket. After several false starts, we finally found the strip on the other side of the casino. You know you just HAVE to walk through all the casinos (yes, there are multiple casinos inside Circus Circus) to get anywhere outside...well, unless you want to take this really creepy alley. LOL!

We wanted to get a sense of where the Mandalay Bay hotel was located since we already knew the Wynn was close enough to walk (maybe a mile whereas the Mandalay Bay was at least 5 miles). We bought the ticket and then started walking, figuring we'd catch the bus when we got tired.

We walked about halfway down the strip (Circus Circus is at one end) taking pictures of the casinos and their themes. We stopped into a favorites being the Venetian (where we enjoyed a beer) and Paris. Both have the ceilings painted with blue skies and white clouds. The shops all look like you are strolling down an avenue outside. What fun!

The skies were overcast but we only hit a little drizzle late in the afternoon. Our luck didn't hold out though, be the time we headed out to Mandalay Bay for dinner and The Lion King, it was pouring. Thank goodness for the shuttle bus!

Dinner was delicious...the restaurant wasn't crowded and the service was impeccable. We made it to our seats in plenty of time for the show. Stu had seen it before but it was all new to me. We had great seats with a wonderful view. The performers were all terrific but I especially loved the two kids playing young Nala & Simba. Unbelievably talented...turns out each part is played by two different little actors/actresses.

After the show we grabbed some yogurt (really wanted coffee but Starbucks was already closed) and wandered the casino. Stu played a little and ended up with a chit for three cents. LOL!

Here are a few photos....more in our SmugMug Album. Many were taken with our iPhones so forgive us the quality...LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


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