Maintenance Update.....

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Just a short update....the propane leak is gone, just needed tightening. We'll keep checking it at after every move for a while. The fresh water leak turned out to be the overflow hose dropping too low and working as a siphon. It was held in place with electrical tape...that will change to a zip-tie now. Toughest part is putting the insulation back up as well as the outer shell.

The trailer & truck are both getting washed & waxed today. Found a great outfit for $2.25/ft for both ($1/ft for wash only). They desperately need it. Hoping our "desert pinstriping" won't be quite as obvious afterwards. Don't think I mentioned that. The night we spent at the VFW BLM area here in Yuma we managed to drag the trailer through some very stiff bushes. Not sure if they were creosote or ironwood, doesn't matter. We now have a lot of scratches down the entire side of the trailer. UGH!!

The TV repair is holding us up here in Yuma...the tech replaced the LNB and that at least gave us a connection. But he noticed that the dish seemed to be too loose for would find the satellite and then wander off, over and over. He said they were normally quite tight. So rather than leave us with finding the satellite 9 times out of 10, he ordered a replacement from Winegard. Problem is, we have no idea when it will be here...hoping early next week.

The upside is that if we are here till the 26-27th, we'll stay for the free air show here in Yuma. The downside is that the temps are already climbing into the upper 80's. Double UGH!

We continue to work on eating healthier...95% of all our canned foods went to the Food Bank at the Gypsy Journal Rally. We're buying lots of fresh veggies & fruits, eating very little red meat. We continue to walk at least 2 miles a day, hoping to eventually get up to 4-5 miles. We tape Dr. Oz & Biggest Loser for our motivation.

All the family is doing least no one has told us otherwise. We miss everyone but are definitely enjoying ourselves. Life is GOOD!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. I average a 2 mile walk 3 days a week so you are doing much better than me! Keep it up!

  2. courious, what brand and model is your fifth wheel. it is very beautiful

  3. Let me know who is doing the work for $2.25. Is that a hand wax? liquid with wash. Include roof?
    80 is better than 50.

  4. Ida, 3 days a week is better than none. Getting a pedometer with software so I can track my results has helped motivate me. It's amazing how little you can walk when you live in an RV. LOL!

    It's a 2008 KZ Escalade Toy 41' Hauler...we love it!

    Road Runner RV Wash/Wax did the came to $160 with the roof done (that was extra). Did a great job... 928-446-6894

  5. KZ is still making the Escalade, it is their top of line series. However, no Sportster(toy Hauler) this year. The wax was liquid, hand applied after the wash. Included polishing the aluminum wheels and tire dressing. Both truck and rig.


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