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Friday, March 19, 2010

First, I forgot to mention that the folks at Road Runner RV Wash/Wax did sauch a great job on our rig that they managed to get rid of 90% of our deseert pinstriping and the rest of the lines are much less noticable. Phew! If you are in the area you can call them at 928-446-6894. If you follow Nick Russell's Gypsy Journal blog, these are the same folks that he and Greg used for their rigs and they were very happy as well.

Yesterday was a great day...we got up early, rode the trike to the Yuma Harley-Davidson dealer for the 10k service and to have them do a recall and check a couple little service items. Around 9am our friends Dave & Renee picked us up and we headed to Los Algodones.

We headed to Algodones Optical...the same place I got glasses two years ago. I had seen their ad here locally in Yuma and knew that I could get my Progressive glasses replaced reasonably.

My last glasses are only a little over a year old but they are covered with scratches...not sure why, got them at Sears with scratch-coat but oh well. LOL! We spent about half an hour finding a frame...even got Renee to pitch her vote and some lady standing around watching us as well. I found out that the newer rectangle (I call them cat eye glasses) really do look pretty good on me.

Then I found out that I have pretty expensive taste...the frames we picked were $160 without the lenses...GULP! Seems they have upgraded their frame line to be more current. So we asked to be directed to the lower price frames and started the process over again. Found another pair that was similar and waited for my fitting. (Fortunately Dave & Renee had headed off to wander for 45 minutes rather than wait for us.)

Well, turns out that since I really need the mid-level of the Progressive lense area in order to use the computer a lot. back to look for a larger frame. Are we having fun yet? LOL! Found one that we all liked and it gave me a little more color as well. I think my current glasses sort of melt into my face and I wanted a little more "pop".

So I ended up with Transition (yup, going to try them again) Progressive lenses with new frames for $119. I'm happy.....LOL! We'll pick them up either early Monday or Tuesday.

We had a great lunch with a couple of good Mexican beers (I found I like Negro Modelo. The line to get back into the US moved quickly and they dropped us off at the Harley dealer. The bike was ready except for the detail so we sat & waited. Looks great!

We also got a call from our satellite installer...our new dish is due to arrive and he will be out after 2pm on Monday to install it. YIPPEE!! We ordered our mail again so we can hit the road by Thursday and head to Anza-Borrego for a couple of days. We'll boondock and hopefully met up with our friends Bill & Dottie (Stu's old partner & his wife) that we met up with in San Diego last month.

Let's see..what else is new. Oh, I ordered something Stu had told me about and I wanted to try. They are microwavable apple bakers....core the apple, dump in some cinnamon and a little butter if desired. Nuke for 3-4 minutes, cut them up and YUMMY!!! My new dessert treat. Check them out at Christian Ridge Pottery in Maine.

Speaking of low-cal desserts...we have been having a sugar-free Jello with a few blueberries & strawberries on top. Very low cal and delicious. Stu tops his with a few of the mini dark chocolate kisses.

This afternoon we are heading to Dave & Renees for a happy hour where we'll meet some other old friends and make some new ones!

This weekend is paperwork & taxes so don't know if I'll get another blog done or not...hope everyone is doing well!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. I have apple bakers too ... you'll love them!

  2. Doesn't look like my comment posted, but now there will probably be two... I was wondering why you folks aren't Geocachers. A really fun activity that would seem to match your lifestyle to a T. There is a very active group of cachers here in Yuma and hundreds if not thousands of caches...


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