Don't know if we'll have Internet access...

Friday, March 26, 2010

Just a quick note before we hit the road today for the Anza-Borrego area. No idea what cell or internet access will be like. Same for when we move up to Joshua Tree National Park on Monday. We will pass through Quartzsite on the way to Ajo, AZ and do know that we will have access there...but don't know what day(s) that will be. Of course the last time I was in Ajo, the access there was terrible. That said, it does seem to be improving in more isolated areas so who knows, LOL!

Stu got a LOT of small maintenance things done, both on Freddie and KaZy. His list is getting short. I managed to deal with 75% of my phone calls and 90% of my paperwork, so I'm feeling good too.

Hoping the weather allows for some nice motorcycle riding...Twister is tired of being garaged. Big Red is ready to rumble for sure!

So, I will get the blogs done on Valley of the Fire State Park and the Midnight at the Oasis car show in the next couple of days...but no idea when I will be able to upload them. Bear with us!

Till next time - keep on rollin',
Donna & Stu


  1. It Seems RV chores multiply when you start fixing things. Somehow a block of ice materialized in the RV, surrounded by a refrigerator/freezer. So this morning, defrosting is now part of the breaking camp chore list. Still beats working for a living.


  2. We know when the ice maker is frozen into that block of ice and won't make any more cubes, it might be time to defrost!! Otherwise niether one of us will take the time, LOL!


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