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Monday, January 14, 2008

...then it's too windy outside! It was windy when I went to bed and windier when I got up. Initially I had planned to leave today but opted to stick it out one more day in hopes the wind will die down.

Yesterday was a quiet day....I did laundry, exchanged a couple of books in the campground library and did a little packing up inside the RV. Before I knew it 6:oo had rolled around - my favorite Sunday time of day when in an Escapees park. ICE CREAM SOCIAL HOUR!

This is my third SKP park and I have yet to miss out on this treat...a nice sized chunk of ice cream for a paltry 75 cents. I've been able to get Butter Pecan every time! For anyone who has never attended one of these, it is accompanied by park announcements. Beyond that it's park (and host) dependent. At Rainbow's End in Livingston, they asked for introductions from new arrivals and those leaving the next day. Since I fit both, I opted out...don't two positives make a negative? Oh, do I have that backwards...LOL!

Since there were a lot of new folks here at the Dream Catcher, I bit the bullet and did an introduction. As they rounded the room, a couple stood and introduced them selves, Paul & Connie, and then he mentioned his Escapee forum name - TopSweep. I let out a huge squeal and had to run over and give him a huge hug. We've followed each other's blogs for a while and chatted a lot on the forum as well. (As soon as introductions were over, I went back and gave Connie her hug as well.) Hope you'll visit their blog, A Breath of Fresh Road.

Well, we chatted long enough to get kicked out of the kitchen activity area so they could lock up. From there we headed to their rig, IDK, and I got to meet Allen (or is it Alan, we never discussed spelling) their new companion who replaced Addie (who went back home). Paul snapped a photo of me with Allen, I expect it to show up when I least expect it. Anyway, we chatted another hour or so and could have probably gone on all night except they also planned to leave today.

Today I caught up on some personal web site work in preparation for some upcoming client site redesign. I also replied to a bunch of emails and did a little reading. It was too cold to sit outside but since the sun comes into the front door so for a while I sat on the steps inside the RV, just enjoying the sun.

Early this evening I got a note from two other Escapees that I've chatted with for close to two years....Jeff & Suzanne, Two Hams in a Can. They arrived today for a week....I was already in my night clothes so we're going to meet in the morning before I leave.

Ya know.....it just gets better every day!

Till next time - keep on rollin',

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  1. Yeah...wind in an RV is kind of exciting. We had 60 mph gusts a couple of weeks ago, and the power went out. Never a dull moment!


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