Days One & Two - from the road

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

DAY ONE: I got up and after a quick forum & email check, I started working on the last few things that needed to be done before I headed off to Camping World. The first thing I did was take off the windshield cover, wipe it down and pack it away. That is one of the best purchases that I have made! Next was disconnecting the power and packing the surge guard & lock (they go in the bin on the other side of the RV....this bin is too full.)

I unhooked the water, emptied the water filter and packed that all away, still loving my brass quick connects and plan to pick up a couple more. Then it was time to, what a surprise I had in store. My black water valve had been seeping and it was scheduled to be replaced today. But this time when I took the cap off, it was FULL! Eeeeep! I hated to let any out on to the ground but there was no choice....I dripped as little as possible, hosed it down with hot water and then sprayed my water/bleach mix on it as well. Got the hose connected (I have the Rhinoflex Hose and love it since it expands to 15' from 45'), dumped the black, closed the valve and headed inside.

Another new adventure....the Lily Pad came with a black tank wand but it required hooking up a garden hose and dragging it around and through the RV to use it. No way was I going to do that... Then someone posted in the Escapees forum about a new adapter that let you use it from your bathroom sink. I had picked one up at Camping World during my last "vacation" there and this was my chance to use it. Worked like a charm...which meant I could use hot water as well. My black tank gauge is still off but getting better. The gauge on the gray tank appears to be finally working. I then dumped the gray, rinsed everything down and filled my fresh water tank. [Note: someone commented yesterday wondering why I filled my fresh water tank rather than just putting in what I needed to get me to my next stop. First, I'm too new to know how much that would be , but second since I am blacktop boondocking I need the water and third, I only have a 20 gallon tank so even full that's like another person on board.]

Things went downhill from there....I remembered I needed to check my tires. Front driver side, good. Back dual driver side, good. Driver side air bag, good. Trailer driver side, good. Trailer passenger side, good. Back dual passenger side, good. Passenger side air bag, a little low. Front passenger tire, not so good. They should be at 80# and it was at 40#. Another Eeeeep!

Since I knew I was headed to Camping World. I figured I'd just put air and and let them check it out. So I dug out my little handy dandy Husky jump start/compressor and proceeded to start it running. (You can see a pic of it here.) I watched it for a bit, saw it slowly climbing but I knew it would take a while to put at least 30# in so I went inside to work in there. I came back out and took a peek, expecting to see it at at least 50-60#. Another Eeeeep - it was registering zero and the compressor was losing at inside (like maybe the hose was disconnected).

Okay, now I HAVE to do what I hate doing....ask a favor. Went over to the neighbors and they brought over their small air compressor and we filled up the tire and I added some to the air bag on that side as well. Finished everything else up, did a second and third walk around, pulled forward a foot, got out and did another walk around. Phew!

Arrived at Camping World and they got me in on time...I even added several things to the list: besides re-torquing my RV wheels I asked them to do the trailer as well; I had them adjust the parking brake sensor so maybe I can finally use my levelers; got a new shower head installed since my shut-off wasn't shutting off fully; got the microwave trim kit installed; replaced both the black & gray slide valves (thus getting rid of the last source of outhouse smell when traveling ); had them refill my windshield washer fluid which had run out on the way there.

I picked up a few things but most importantly I replace my busted Husky handy-dandy with a new one from Xantrex. Mine was out of warranty and it weighed way too much to try to mail in for repairs. Since I had gotten it with rewards points, I didn't feel bad about getting a new one. Spent the night in the parking lot....sticky, humid night with bouts of rain.

DAY TWO: Headed out about 9 am after a quick breakfast and a cup of coffee. While I didn't have a firm appointment time with the BMW dealer in San Antonio, they were expecting me in the morning. The trip over was uneventful and light traffic except for one spot north of San Antonio.

The dealership was very easy to get to and brand new. They are a combined shop, BMW & Triumph bikes and import sports car repairs as well. I gave them the list of all the things I needed addressed and then headed out with two of the guys to unload the bike. They wouldn't even let me pull the duffel bags out....kept grabbing them out of my hand. I must have looked weak or tired. LOL!

In about two hours I had a new rear tire, chain greased & adjusted, clutch & brake lever rotated upward (and I can now do it myself if needed), expandable saddle bags working & sprayed with silicone spray (but they are still stiff), got a bottle of the right oil to carry with me and the adapter for my Gerbings electric gear put on the battery so I can use them.

I headed out towards Hondo, TX where I planned to spend the night at a new Super Wal-Mart. I really needed to stock up on some groceries and had a few other things to get as well. About 10 miles down the road I realized I had gone the wrong way...oh well, I was headed in the right general direction. A few miles further and I saw a Home Depot sign close to an exit. That would be the perfect spot to stop, pick up a few things using the last of my gift card and re-orient my directions.

The new routing took me NW on highwy 46 to Bandera, TX. Boy, did I ever wish I was on the bike...or that at least there was a spot I could pull over and take some photos. Really pretty ride! I could live there....not that I could afford it. LOL!

Eventually I made it to Hondo, got permission to park, shopped till I was ready to drop and will now close. (I know...another LONG post.....LOL!)

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Froggi
    Did you look for the new seal and vac at Walmart? I am loving it.
    Thanks for your tip about the "Baggy Omelets" My grandkids will love them.

  2. I know that rigs & tires are different but do your front tires actually require 80#? My duals require 80# but only 60# for the front. I believe that 80# is the maximum. I guess if your rig is heavier than mine in the front that it could require more than 60#.


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