Another lazy day in Quartzsite...

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Not really. Today started out with breakfast at Sweet Darlene's. Formerly housed in a tent, now in a steel building with communal style eating arrangements. We arrived in a group of 7 and found seating at the very end of a table...perfect!

The restaurant was really busy and we knew it might be a while before we ate but since we were in good problem. I decided on a Western Omelet...well, at least until the waitress came and announced there were no omelets today. Sigh...okay, figured I'd go with my second choice the higher calorie option, French Toast. Most everyone else went with either the special or pancakes. (Yup, I'm still the oddball...LOL!)

When it arrived I was pleasantly surprised to see it done with Texas Toast (very thick slices of bread). It was delicious....I managed to eat all but one final half slice and passed that along to whoever was interested. Several tasted it and all pronounced it as tasty as I had said. (Guess the communal eating went beyond just the table arrangements....).

From there I accompanied Doug to visit the Reader's Oasis bookstore (he had never been), but it was closed for restocking. We then headed to the Post Office so I could drop off some mail and then back to the hardware store for a final chat with the person who was going to install my propane connections. After talking with him, both Doug & I were not comfortable with him doing the work. I called my local friend Marty and asked about alternatives. We settled on using RV Lifestyles here in town.

Next stop was the ATM at the bank across the street....I never saw such a complex & SLOW system. It was taking everyone at least twice as long as normal....the line was long but I finally got my cash and we left.

A short stop back at the rigs to catch up on emails and a few other things, then we headed to the neighboring town of Bouse. Doug was having a telescopic lens shipped to a store there and the UPS tracking showed it should be delivered today. When we arrived UPS hadn't come yet so we drove around town a bit and checked out some of the historical areas. Then we hit an on-going auction for a while where the smell of hot dogs made us realize that we had skipped lunch. So it was back to the store to see if the package had arrived (it had) and then next door for the Friday special - All You Can Eat Fish & Chips. Delicious!

We got back before the social hour was over so did some visiting and I became an OFFICIAL boondocker BOF member. Back to the rig where another gorgeous sunset caught my eye and at 7 pm we headed back to the campfire till 9 pm. Soon I am going to have to stop having so much fun and start getting caught up in back emails, website work and personal paperwork. LOL!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Excellent sunset Froggi!! Sounds like you are having too much fun!!

  2. What camera system does Doug use and what lens did he get? Those are subjects that I am interested in, too.

  3. I am confused: you talked about getting a solar oven, and now you say it will be an all day job. Are you getting solar panels on the roof to charge your batteries? I don't see how a solar oven could be an all day job. Thanks.


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