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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Today was shopping day....time to hit the RV Tent show. My RVing friend Sally, who also rides, picked me up at 9 am and we headed into town. I had a few things I wanted to look out for - a metal folding table (the kind where the top rolls up, the legs fold up and it all stores in a bag like the chairs in a bag), the solar oven, the Escapees table (where they were selling Lifetime Memberships for a limited time), more brass quick-connects for my water hose and a Solar Oven.

Took a quick snapshot of the tailgate on the pickup in front of us...another blog I read recently showed a tailgate made of PVC pipes and painted. Here is the other extreme...solid chrome!

As everyone has said, if it's not at the RV Tent Show, then it's not available. Pretty accurate I would say...definitely an experience. There is something for everyone...big rig or small, motorhome or trailer, part-timer or full.

Besides the people, there were pets galore. Dogs were carried, carted, walked, strolled and backpacked but the best were these two gorgeous Macaws enjoying the sunny day.

I never found the table I wanted (there is a very nice one on sale at Camping World right now but I'm not sure I can get a place for it to be shipped to before the sale ends), I tried on a dozen or more hats but since I wear a small it's very hard to find one that fits AND looks good, picked up several small items, some fleece gloves and some some knit gloves with rubber bumps to help tighten/loosen things (like the water hose, sewer hose).

The big item ended up being the Solar Oven. Early in the day we spent quite a bit of time chatting with the Campfire in a Can folks...very nice product. By the end of the day my choice was either the Campfire or the Solar Oven...that was a no-brainer. The Solar Oven won and I'm really excited to use it. By the way, they were baking an apple pie in the oven while we were there...the smell was amazing! We kept hoping to get a slice....LOL!

Oh, I also got a decorative item....a metal frog wall hanging cut out using a blow torch. The detail is was the guy doing the work.

By the time we left, Sally and I felt like doing what we had seen this little guy doing earlier in the day!

On the way out we saw one of the new little Smart Cars that many RVers are considering. Not only was it cute, but they had the PERFECT vanity plate!


  1. :: peers carefully :: it also seems to have some of those um, balls you can attach to the underside of your car. ;)

    I love the Smart cars.

  2. I love the Smart Car and that vanity plate is ideal for it. I got to drive one in Tampa during their test tour a few months ago. Was fun! A lot of people don't realize that it was designed by Mercedes in a joint venture with Swath watch and is now fully owned by Mercedes


  3. Ship the table to us and we'll make sure it gets to you!!

    love ya!


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