Deming, NM to Gila Bend, AZ

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It figures, Sat & Sun nights the forecast in Deming was for lows in the 20's. Both nights I unhooked my water and carried my water filter inside for the night. Both mornings it was well above freezing. So of course I didn't believe the forecast for last night...and left the water hooked up. Mistake! Frozen solid....LOL! Fortunately a couple of daylight hours and judicious use of a hair dryer let me turn the water off so I could unhook (thank you to Jeff for that reminder). Since I didn't want the storage bay full of water, I stuck the hoses and water filter in the kitchen sink.

I did get to meet Jeff & Suzanne, Two Hams in a Can, this morning. What wonderful folks!! I could have chatted with them forever but unfortunately I had to continue getting ready to hit the road. I look forward to seeing them again and finishing our conversation.

Since I was already a day late in heading to Quartzsite, I decided to brave Tuscon and take the direct I-10 route. I hoped to make Gila Bend for the night but if traffic slowed me down too much, then I would stop just north of Tuscon.

Another SOLO had contacted me about heading to Q and we planned to meet up somewhere along the way (if possible). He had been staying in Benson so once he passed through Tuscon he called and gave me tips on getting through there quickly. I stayed close to the speed limit, closer to 70 than my normal 60ish, figured one gas tank with poorer than usual mileage wouldn't kill me. LOL! The trip was pleasant, the scenery just outside Benson was wonderful (so I love rocks, can you tell?). I also fell in the love with the saguaro forests....I look forward to seeing them close up!

Again, most shots were taken through the windshield while driving but a few were taken in a rest area before I got to Tuscon. I also passed a couple of interesting vehicles on the way, the motorhome ended up in the same park and I took a clearer shot.

I caught up with Harvey in Gila Bend where we both checked in to Augie's Quail Trail RV Park. This is the spot where I have a reservation for month later on. (I think I'm going to like it....quiet, convenient, super staff and nice views.) Harvey got here a bit before me and forewarned the folks that "Froggi Donna" would be arriving shortly and asked them to save a spot close to his. I got registered and was setting up when Harvey popped on over. After spending time chatting with Harvey, I managed to dash out and snatch one sunset shot. Phew!

Tomorrow is an easy 140 or so mile drive to Quartzsite...all we have to do it FIND the other SOLOs....LOL! For the next week I will be pretty busy with both the SOLOs and the Full-time Class of 2007 so probably won't get to blog every day. Just know I'm having FUN!

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. I love those rocks too! Great photos. We'll wave as we pass by Q tomorrow! If you find BobGuy and Molly at the Class of 07 graduation, say hi for me! We'll be in Tucson a month and then back to Apache Junction mid Feb. Maybe we'll get chance to get together sometime!

  2. Hi Donna -

    Well, rats! We are at Quail Trail til the end of January - imagine my disappointment when I logged on yesterday to read you had left Augie's only that morning - grrr.

    We have tentative plans to attend the Gypsy Journal shindig at Casa Grande, so perhaps we'll connect there. Have been enjoying your journals since you first put your TN home on the market. Please keep writing, and having FUN!
    Take care, L 'n D


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