Marathon Motel & RV Park - Marathon TX

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I headed out before 9 (an early start for me) but had been awake since around 6 am. It was cold....33 according to AccuWeather and inside it was 57. Brrrrr....fired up the generator, turned on the heat and crawled back into bed till it warmed a bit.

The entire day was spent on US90 and what a wonderful drive it was. To some people the scenery is boring and bland. To me it shouts with passion....I love seeing what time and nature control, land that refuses to give in to the whimsy of man, refusing to be tamed. Since there were few places to stop when the scenery was worth a photo, the majority of these were taken out my windows while driving so forgive me for the quality. LOL!

Oh, and excuse the odd spacing...tried using HTML code to create a table so I could put two photos side by side and it seems to want to leave a LONG blank. Will keep working on it.

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I had a new experience today...around Del Rio (a much larger town than I anticipated) I went through a border patrol check. My first thought was wondering if I was crossing into Mexico highway 90....LOL! Two nice young ladies, one with a gorgeous German Shepherd, asked me a couple of questions and sent me on my way. Guess I don't look very threatening...good thing I wasn't wearing leathers, showing off my tattoos and sitting on my old Harley.

I pulled into the Marathon Motel & RV Park about 3:30. It's a Passport
park and is $12.50 for the night. Plenty of time to get set up, take some photos, get online, go for a walk, take some sunset photos and then enjoy the communal fire while I chatted with some folks from Washington state who are also new to RVing.

[click any image to see larger photo]

Today was a wonderful fed my soul and tonight I feel very full.

Till next time - keep on rollin',


  1. Dear Donna - Sometimes one of your blog entries goes a long way toward motivating me to overcome the remaining fears, laziness, inertia, etc., that keep me cocooned up here in my "safe" stix n' brix in little Connecticut - and boy was today ever one of those.

    That highway! That sunset! And how great at the end of the day to meet new people, sitting around a fire you didn't even have to build! If I could snap my fingers and be driving away from my sold house in my own rig, that's where I'd be right now. It won't happen that fast, unfortunately, but your wonderful day has given me another piece of the dream to aspire to.

    Thanks for sharing it! -


  2. Hope you're going to take advantage of seeing Big Bend while you're there. It's such a beautiful place!

  3. I'm new to your blog (didn't start reading it until I was checking out the links from another blog I read that listed yours as one of their TAG assignments) and I was wondering if it is just me or do others have the same "problem" I have?

    Every time I click on a photo to open the window with it enlarged the blog always resets to the top. This is very irritating, especially when you have a fairly long entry with many photos, like today.

  4. I have followed your blog for sometime and admire your courage and determination. I have traveled along I-10 in West Texas, and it truly has a special beauty. Your reference to it as "what time and nature control" is so fitting. Enjoy. You are headed to a gorgeous part of this great nation! Sonja

  5. Great photos mom!! Looks like you're in a beautiful spot!!! Got a family photo done today, will send you a small copy when it comes in.

    love ya!!


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